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...... "Too many good docs are getting out of the business.

......Too many OB/GYN's aren't able to practice their...their love with women all across the country."�GEORGE BUSH

Sept. 6, 2004, Poplar Bluff, Mo.


Mr. "BRING IT ON" Man, got his ass kicked by his own bicycle!

Scientific experiment to PROVE the economy is "ON FIRE" and there are lots of
high paying jobs being created. Heck, you can't even turn around without being offered a six figure CEO position, right? LOLOLOL...MORE of "THE BIG LIE"!
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CodeWarriorz Thoughts: Friday, June 11, 2004 CodeWarriorZ BlueZ

CodeWarriorz Thoughts

Day to day musings of free speech activist CodeWarrior.


Friday, June 11, 2004


Teacher suspended for washing student's mouth out with soap

"ROCHESTER, New York (AP) -- An elementary school teacher was placed on paid leave for washing a boy's mouth out with soap after he shouted an obscenity at a classmate.

Lori Thomas, 48, who has taught for six years at inner-city School 22, said she was stunned when a 10-year-old boy directed "a vile, very nasty sexual reference" at a third-grade girl in March.

Thomas said she didn't want the boy, who had frequently been sent home for unruly behavior, to earn another one-week suspension.

She took the boy to the nurse's office, she said, "put a drop of soap on his lower lip, washed it out immediately and told him I never wanted to hear filth like that coming out of his mouth again."

"Old-fashioned ways work," she said unapologetically.

The boy behaved for the remainder of the day and didn't complain to his foster mother, Thomas said. The boy's brother told district officials what had happened, she said.

Thomas was suspended indefinitely. The district could either fire Thomas -- even though tenure provides such teachers "a lot of protection" -- or level "a lesser amount of discipline," said Joanne Giuffrida, personnel chief in the 6,000-employee school district.

"I wish we could have handled this more expeditiously too," Giuffrida said. She said an investigation will likely be completed within two weeks."
I had that happen to me as a kid. I told a particularly obnoxious girl to "shut up" and the teacher made me wash my mouth out with soap. I found I could blow bubbles with the remainder of the soap in my mouth, and was happy to disrupt the class with far more efficiency than ever before.
Life Bouy has a sour taste.


An interesting website about a lawsuit against credit reporting agencies

"2004 Credit Suit
On March 19, 2003, I filed my suit against Fair Isaac, Equifax, Trans Union, Experian, CreditData SW, ConsumerInfo.com, Capital One, Household, Providian, Nelnet, Pacific Bell, American Agencies, Verizon Wireless, T-Mobile, Compass Bank, FTC, FCC, Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond ...
June 11, 2004
More objections and I am really moving the blog now
I was just getting ready to move the blog after I mailed the new complaint when I got the Trans Union objection to my motion for reimbursement of cost of service.

They mailed it on 6/1, I received on the 8th because they mail certified (takes extra long), I had 5 biz days and 3 days for mailing to respond ... And of course had to respond to the American Agencies objection, Tom Wells seems to claim that he didn't get the waiver - would you expect anything but LIES from a collector?

So I had to get that done, and now I don't care what happens, I'll work on the site until I moved it."
Glad someone stood up to these ghoulish bunches.


Kimmel show pulled for comments

"DETROIT, Michigan (AP) -- Jimmy Kimmel's late-night talk show was pulled off the air for a night following a joke the comedian made about Detroit during the NBA Finals.

Kimmel was talking to ABC sportscaster Mike Tirico during halftime of Tuesday's game when he said, "They're going to burn the city of Detroit down if the Pistons win, and it's not worth it." Tirico, an Ann Arbor resident, immediately objected, telling him to be careful about making fun of Detroit.

ABC made the decision to pull Wednesday night's "Jimmy Kimmel Live" from affiliates nationwide shortly after the program was taped that night in California.

Grace Gilchrist, general manager of Detroit ABC affiliate WXYZ, said the taped show featured more disparaging remarks about the city.

"Frankly, we were shocked. We thought it was uncalled for," Andrea Parquet-Taylor, WXYZ's news director, said of Kimmel's remarks.

Kimmel issued a written statement to address his comments about Detroit, whose Pistons are playing the Los Angeles Lakers in the NBA Finals.

"What I said about Pistons fans during halftime was a joke, nothing more. If I offended anyone, I'm sorry," he said. "Clearly, over the past 10 years, we in L.A. have taken a commanding lead in post-game riots. If the Lakers win, I plan to overturn my own car."

ABC publicity manager Jennifer De La Rosa issued another apology from the comedian Thursday: "It was never my intention to cause anyone pain. I was trying to make a joke and I'm sorry it resulted in anything other than laughter."
Winston Smith of 1984 is alive and well.

We MUST have censorship....how DARE Kimmel make a joke....
how DARE Kimmel use free speech rights!


Was there a bomb released before plane impact at the Twin Tower?

From this site we read
"LetsRoll911.org Discovers from inside source: 'George Tenet' committed Identity Fraud...
Real name: David Cohen"

Also, see the free frames that seem to show a bomb under the plane on 911 that separates prior to the plane striking the tower.

Interesting reading and viewing.


Physicians for Social Responsibility

A doctor from this organization said that "one third of the world is infected with TB (tuberculosis)"

Sen. Jess Trussme Visits PSR/Pittsburgh to Push SMART Security
Physicians for Social Responsibility’s Field Director, Ira Shorr, will visit Pittsburgh to discuss the need for a better national security policy – what PSR is calling SMART Security, for a Sensible, Multilateral American Response to Terrorism. Hosted by PSR/Pittsburg, Shorr and his alter ego, Sen. Jess Trussme, will discuss the need for a change from the current Administration’s path that has led us into preemptive war and bogged down our troops in a guerilla conflict, yet takes none of the sensible steps necessary to secure Americans in Pennsylvania and around the nation against the very real threat of terrorism.


Big music stores squelch download plan

"By John Borland
Staff Writer, CNET News.com
Story last modified June 11, 2004, 4:00 AM PDT

A group of big music stores has mothballed a plan to join forces on the Internet to fight online services such as Apple Computer's iTunes, a move that highlights painful choices brought on by a digital shakeout. Echo, a joint effort launched with a splash of publicity in early 2003, was supposed to give the big brick-and-mortar retailers such as Best Buy and Virgin Megastores an online foothold that would help them beat back file-swapping services and digital stores.

But mounting development costs, a glut of rivals offering bargain-rate services, and smaller-than-hoped-for sales across the online-music spectrum, even at Apple's successful store, have led the big retailers to pull funding for the project, its founders say.

"The reality is that compared to all the retailers' bottom lines, even Apple's music sales are insignificant," said Alex Bernstein, a co-founder and investor in the Echo project. "Our board repeatedly told us that."

What's new:
Echo, a joint venture designed to give big brick-and-mortar music retailers an online foothold, has been mothballed.
Bottom line:
The move spotlights the deeply mixed feelings that many of the big offline retailers have toward digital music. "


'P2OG' allows Pentagon to fight dirty

"'P2OG' allows Pentagon to fight dirty
By David Isenberg

"Run away from the light": Such might be the motto of a new, covert policy that the Bush administration is considering implementing. According to recent news reports, it would be the largest expansion into the world of black ops and covert action since the end of the Vietnam War in the 1970s.

And that's saying quite a lot, considering that since Vietnam the Pentagon has not exactly been dormant in this area.

As well-known military analyst William Arkin pointed out in an October 27 column in the Los Angeles Times, the development of the Pentagon's covert counter-terror capability has its roots in the 1979 Iran hostage crisis. The army created a highly compartmentalized organization that could collect clandestine intelligence independent of the rest of the US intelligence community, and follow through with covert military action. Today, it operates under the code name Grey Fox. In Afghanistan it operated alongside the Central Intelligence Agency's (CIA) paramilitary Special Activities Division and the Pentagon's Joint Special Operations Command.

Then there are numerous recent initiatives, such as net assessment capabilities at combatant commands, a new campaign support group at Fort Bragg, a counter-terrorism Technology Support Office, to name just a few.

Yet the Pentagon wants more. Its Defense Science Board (DSB) conducted a 2002 "Summer Study on Special Operations and Joint Forces in Support of Countering Terrorism". Excerpts from that study, dated August 16, were leaked and obtained by the Federation of American Scientists, which posted them on their website. The report was produced by a 10-member panel of military experts that included Vice Admiral William O Studeman, former director of the National Security Agency.

According to the leak, the United States is engaged in a global war on terrorism that is "a real war" in case anyone doubts it. This means, among other things, a "committed, resourceful and globally dispersed adversary with strategic reach" against whom the US will wage "a long, at times violent, and borderless war" which "requires new strategies, postures and organization".

That explains why the United States has, so to speak, decided to fight fire with fire. Although the study is filled with lots of the usual buzzwords and phrases that Pentagon planners love, such as "robust connectivity, agile ground forces, adaptive joint command and control and discriminant use of force", one thing that does stand out is its call for "preemption/proaction/interdiction/disruption/quick-response capabilities".

This is consistent with the administration’s new National Security Strategy, which called for preemption; indeed, since the DSB study preceded the release of the strategy, it is possible that the strategy was written to incorporate some of its aspects.

The study urges the Pentagon to "take the terrorist threat as seriously as it takes the likelihood and consequences of major theater war", urging officials to launch secret missions and intelligence operations to penetrate and disrupt terrorist cells abroad. Some of those operations should be aimed at signaling to countries that harbor terrorists that "their sovereignty will be at risk".

If adopted, some of the proposals appear to push the military into territory that traditionally has been the domain of the CIA, raising questions about whether such missions would be subject to the same legal restraints imposed on CIA activities.

But William Schneider Jr, chairman of the DSB, rejected such concerns, saying that the panel set out to identify ways that special operations units could do more to assist the war on terrorism, not encroach on other agencies' authority.

"The CIA executes the plans but they use Department of Defense assets," Schneider said. He emphasized that the board was not recommending any changes to long-standing US policies banning assassinations, or requiring presidents to approve in advance US covert operations. Nor, he said, was the panel advocating changes that would erode congressional oversight.

Yet lawmakers have expressed concern with Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld's push to expand the Pentagon's covert capabilities, mainly because the Pentagon is not subject to rules that require the CIA to report its covert activities to Congress.

The DSB summary document suggests that many changes are already under way. It cites the expansion of existing intelligence analysis centers and the creation of new management teams to direct covert operations at such installations as Fort Bragg, where US special forces such as Delta Force are based.

It recommends the creation of a super-Intelligence Support Activity, an organization it dubs the Proactive, Preemptive Operations Group (P2OG), to bring together CIA and military covert action, information warfare, intelligence and cover and deception. For example, the Pentagon and CIA would work together to increase human intelligence (HUMINT) forward/operational presence and to deploy new clandestine technical capabilities.

To bolster government HUMINT capabilities, the task force advances the idea of an intelligence "surge/unsurge" capability - a "robust, global cadre of retirees, reservists and others who are trained and qualified to serve on short notice, including expatriates". This group could be pressed into service during times of crisis.

P2OG would launch secret operations aimed at "stimulating reactions" among terrorists and states possessing weapons of mass destruction, meaning it would prod terrorist cells into action, thus exposing them to "quick-response" attacks by US forces. The means by which it would do this is the far greater use of special operations forces.

Responsibility and accountability for the P2OG would be vested in a "Special Operations Executive" in the National Security Council (NSC). The NSC would plan operations but not oversee their execution in order to avoid comparisons to past abuses, such as the Iran-Contra operations run out of the NSC by Oliver North during the Reagan administration. Under the board's proposal, NSC plans would be executed by the Pentagon or the CIA.

Costs would include developing new means to enable "deep penetration of adversaries" ($1.7 billion annually); exercises and gaming ($100 million annually); development of technical capabilities and the hiring of 500 new staff ($800 million annually); establishment of centers of excellence to handle increased workload ($500 million annually); and expansion of the Joint Forces net assessment activity ($100 million annually). The total cost is envisaged as $3.3 billion.

The DSB study also provides tantalizing glimpses of new capabilities already in the works, referring to new high-tech sensors in development that would enable the United States more closely to track the movements of vehicles or even individuals by satellite. Some of these capabilities are already advanced, such as high-altitude airships, thermobaric weapons and improved urban assault capabilities. Other new projects are being executed by the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency.

If the DSB proposal is adopted, it would only reinforce recent Pentagon activity. The Washington Post reported last month that the Pentagon was preparing to consolidate control of most of the global war on terrorism under the US Special Operations Command, signaling an intensified but more covert approach to the next phase in the battle against al-Qaeda and other international terrorist groups.

Special Operations units have been active in Pakistan for months and are training military forces in Yemen and Georgia. These missions could provide a cover for conducting any covert raids and other actions against suspected al-Qaeda members in the two countries.

The United States has also placed more than 500 Special Operations troops in the African nation of Djibouti, where they are near potential hot spots such as Yemen and Somalia. The USS Belleau Wood, an amphibious assault ship that carries attack helicopters and a handful of Harrier jump jets, has been stationed off the Horn of Africa for about six weeks, ready to carry those troops and some specialized helicopters.

And, in early October, the Washington Times reported that US commandos hunting Taliban and al-Qaeda guerrillas in Afghanistan gained permission to employ "source operations" - clandestine tactics typically confined to the CIA.

"Source operations" generally refers to recruiting and maintaining spies within the enemy's camp. In Afghanistan, it means finding Afghans and Arabs, possibly within the Taliban and al-Qaeda network, who would supply intelligence to US special-operations forces. "


European bourses lower in thin trade

"European stock markets were lower on Friday as modest gains on Wall Street failed to tempt buyers, while thin volumes undermined sentiment with US markets closed for a day of mourning for former president Ronald Reagan.

"Investors may well keep their powder dry ahead of what is expected to be a strong second-quarter earnings season in the US which kicks off next week," said Gary Parkinson at FinSpreads, the spread betting agency.

By midday, the FTSE Eurotop 300 was down 0.3 per cent to 1,002"


U.S. Probes Killing of Iraqi by American Soldier

"BAGHDAD (Reuters) - The U.S. military is investigating the killing by an American soldier of an Iraqi man who was accused of boasting about murdering another U.S. soldier, the army said on Friday.

The man was killed during a May 17 raid by U.S. troops on his Baghdad home when he tried to grab the weapon of one of the soldiers who then shot him dead, according to a statement issued by the U.S. military.

"According to a source, the Iraqi was an anti-Iraqi forces operative who bragged to his neighbors about murdering a 1st Cavalry soldier at a checkpoint," the statement said. "This information subsequently led to a raid by Coalition forces."

Last week, the army said it had opened a criminal investigation into a U.S. soldier who fatally shot at close range an Iraqi man who already was grievously wounded in a vehicle after a high-speed chase near the city of Kufa. "


Half-Life Code Thieves Nabbed

"When source code for one of the most hotly anticipated games of the decade, Valve Software's Half-Life 2, was stolen last year and posted online, company CEO Gabe Newell had three words: "Well, this sucks."

Now, Newell is in a decidedly better mood. In a brief, cryptic statement Thursday, he announced that "arrests have been made in several countries" related to the Half-Life theft. He didn't spell out who was nabbed, or who did the arresting. But he indicated that the game's fans were the ones responsible for breaking the case.

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Today's the Day. "Within a few days of the announcement of the break-in, the online gaming community had tracked down those involved," Newell said. "It was extraordinary to watch how quickly and how cleverly gamers were able to unravel what are traditionally unsolvable problems for law enforcement related to this kind of cybercrime."

The code for the long-delayed, mega-hyped shoot-'em-up appeared on websites Oct. 2, just a few days after it was originally supposed to be released. In the weeks before, Newell complained, his e-mail account was being accessed by "someone other than me." Programs recording every keystroke were mysteriously installed on several computers. The company was hit with denial-of-service attacks.

By Oct. 7, enough components of Half-Life 2 had been stolen that a playable version of the game began making its way around the Net.

The original Half-Life game became a hit, in part, because Valve embraced the legion of programmers and fans who designed new maps and character designs, on their own. With the cracked version of the game online, Newell appealed to these "modders" to help track down the thieves.

Valve received "thousands of tips" about the break-in, according to the company's statement. By January, geeks were trading horror stories of early-morning FBI raids and confiscated computers.

"I looked into my room and saw three FBI agents rifling through my belongings," Chris Toshok, of the Hungry Programmers group, recounted on his blog. "One looking at the condoms and stickers in my nightstand, one going through my underwear/sock drawer and one looking through my books."

The FBI did not immediately return calls seeking comment for this story. According to GameSpot, however, the Bureau's Northwest Cyber Crime Task Force confirmed the arrests.

In his statement, Newell said, "It was very uplifting to see how the community rallied and tracked these people down. Everyone here at Valve is once again reminded of how much we owe to the gaming community."

But now, the gaming community wants something in return."


US charges 'Australian Taleban'

"The United States has brought three criminal charges against an Australian man held at Guantanamo Bay in Cuba.
David Hicks, 28, is accused of conspiracy to commit war crimes, attempted murder and aiding the enemy, the Pentagon said on Thursday.

Mr Hicks, a Muslim convert known as the "Australian Taleban", was arrested in Afghanistan in 2001.

His father dismissed the US process as a "whitewash", and said he would be found guilty.

Mr Hicks is the third Guantanamo prisoner to be charged and is to be tried by a US military tribunal.

No date has been set for the trial, although Australian Prime Minister John Howard said the tribunal could begin work in August.

Mr Howard said Australian officials would be present for Mr Hicks' trial. He also said that Mr Hicks, if convicted, would be able to serve his sentence in Australia.

The Pentagon statement said Mr Hicks had attended several al-Qaeda training courses at camps in Afghanistan, left the country, and returned after the 11 September 2001 attacks on the US to fight alongside al-Qaeda and the Taleban.

"The charges include: conspiracy to commit war crimes; attempted murder by an unprivileged belligerent and aiding the enemy," the statement said.

David Hicks has not violated any law of war and shouldn't have been charged

Maj Michael Mori
David Hicks' lawyer

The 'Australian Taleban'

Some of the charges include:

"On or about January 2001, Hicks (...) travelled to Afghanistan to attend al-Qaeda terrorist training camps"

David Hicks "wilfully and knowingly joined an enterprise of persons (...) and conspired and agreed (...) to commit the following offences triable by military commission: attacking civilians; attacking civilian objects; murder by an unprivileged belligerent (...) and terrorism".

David Hicks participated in an "advanced al-Qaeda training course on information collection and surveillance".

"As a perpetrator, co-conspirator (David Hicks) attempted to murder (...) American, British, Canadian, Australian, Afghan and other coalition forces."

"It is alleged Hicks armed himself with an AK-47 automatic rifle, ammunition, and grenades to fight against coalition forces," the Pentagon said.
It said US prosecutors would not seek the death penalty.

Mr Hicks' father, Terry, complained the US process was unfair.

"This is going to be a whitewash. He is going to cop something because they just can't let him off after everything they have said," he told reporters.

Mr Hicks' US-appointed military lawyer also said his client would not receive a fair trial.

"David Hicks has not violated any law of war and shouldn't have been charged," Maj Michael Mori said after the announcement. "It's unfortunate these charges will never be tested before a fair and established justice system."

The trials will be conducted behind closed doors, and there is no right to appeal.


Mr Hicks and another Australian citizen, Egyptian-born Mamdouh Habib, have been held without charge at the US naval base in Cuba since their arrest in 2001.

Mr Hicks was captured in Afghanistan late in 2001, where he is alleged to have been fighting for the Taleban.

Mr Habib was arrested in 2001 in Pakistan. His family denies he has any links with al-Qaeda, saying he was captured while looking for a school for his children.

Mr Habib is expected to be among the second group of prisoners sent for trial.

New laws passed by the Australian parliament would allow the pair to serve any sentences in Australia. "



Doctors reprogram brain to correct myopia

"Singapore's National Eye Center is pioneering a new approach to correcting myopia, or lazy eye, by reprogramming the brain.

The approach, called perceptual learning, involves a patient looking at a sequence of flashing images on a computer screen for about 30 minutes every other day for about two months, ChannelNewsAsia reports.

Singapore is the first country in the world to experiment with this revolutionary treatment.

The idea is to get the brain to relearn how it sees things. Even though one sees better after the treatment, the degree of shortsightedness does not come down, but the brain deals with the information differently.

American research firm NeuroVision, which developed the treatment, says clinical trials have seen an 80 percent success rate.

The treatment costs about $590."

This approach isn't completely new. Those in the alternative healing fields
may have used or at least remember the "Bates Eye Method" , which used various
eye exercises to address myopia.


Asian Markets Fall On Inflation Jitters

"Asian markets fell Friday after a member of the U.S. Federal Reserve hinted interest rates may have to rise faster than expected if inflation takes off.

In an interview with the Reuters nesagency St. Louis Fed President William Poole said delaying Fed action would not help the U.S. economy.

Stocks slumped across the region while the U.S. dollar rose sharply.

Japan's Nikkei 225 dropped 49.15 points or 0.42% to 11526.82, as the yen skidded from a high of 109.25 to a low of 110.48. The unit settled late in Tokyo at around 110.10.

The biggest action in stocks was in South Korea where the Seoul Composite at 751.53 was off 30.77 or 3.93%.

Another big loser was Taiwan's Taiwan Weighted, which at 5735.07 was down 132.44 or 2.26%.

Hong Kong's Hang Seng at 12394.49 was down 28.38 or 0.23%, whereas India's BSE 30 at 4865.01 was down 79.63 or 1.61%.

The Philippines PSE Composite at 1518.00 was down 15.73 or 1.03%, while the Singapore Straits Times at 1822.13 was down 6.66 or 0.36%.

Indonesia's Jakarta Composite at 701.916 was down 4.925 or 0.70%.

The Malaysian KLSE Composite closed at 821.50, down 2.41 or 0.29%.

Pakistan's Karachi 100 was virtually unchanged at 5372.16, up 0.96 of a point or 0.02%.

Sri Lanka's All Share at 1298.06 was up 15.59 or 1.22%. The Thailand SET ended at 612.34, again virtually unchanged, up 0.13 of a point or 0.02%.

Australia's All Ordinaries at 3478.100 was ahead 8.900 or 0.26%, while the China Shanghai Composite at 1472.072 was up 3.728 or 0.25%.

On foreign exchange markets the euro dipped below 1.2000, but managed to finish the Asian session around 1.2002. The pound was at 1.8245, and the Australian dollar .6923. The Canadian dollar was a touch weaker at 1.3546, while the Swiss franc was off at 1.2564. The New Zealand dollar was at .6275. "
Yeah, the economy worldwide is just GREAT ...NOT!


U.S. allowed use of dogs with prisoners

"The U.S. military authorized the use of unmuzzled dogs to intimidate prisoners in Baghdad's Abu Ghraib prison, the Washington Post reported Friday.

A military intelligence interrogator also told investigators two dog handlers at Abu Ghraib were having a contest to see how many detainees they could make involuntarily urinate out of fear, according to the previously undisclosed statements obtained by the Post."
Blame those who did it, but blame those MORE who authorized and instigated it!


My definition of the military draft.

The military conscription is involuntary servitude, and thus, slavery.

The draft is a way of turning men into slaves and cannon fodder at the same time.
(Quote is an original, copyright 2004, CodeWarrior. All rights reserved.)


Reagan and Bush...

The USA under Reagan....bellicose, Iran Contra, and HORRIBLE ECONOMY-DEFICIT
The USA under Bush...faux bellicosity, Iraq Prison Abuse, and EVEN WORSE ECONOMY-HIGHEST DEFICIT IN MEMORY

The USA under Clinton...relative peace, Big deal, he got a blowjob, and GREAT ECONOMY!- NO DEFICIT...SURPLUS!


"We Screwed Up"- Signed...Your Government

The latest bunch of necrotizing lies spewed forth in the twentyfirst century version of 1984's Newspeak and Memory Hole, is the outright LIES spewed forth from a trifecta of disinformation from three departments of government. When Henry Waxman confronted them with this enormous subtrefuge, they were BUSTED. They said that in 2003, the level of terrorism was at around a 30 year LOW...in fact, it INCREASED under Bush.

When they were BUSTED in their LIES, they claimed that it was not an intentional attempt to make the president look better and mislead the public, they just "Goofed", they "Screwed Up".

Hmmm....last time they admited goofing or screwing up was when they were talking about the result of that screwup, i.e. around THREE THOUSAND AMERICANS DYING AS A RESULT OF THEIR "GOOF".

How clear does it have to be to folks. They have to concoct intricate and enormous LIES to try to conceal the horror of this new world order president!

Wake up. Vote this guy out of office before he starts swirling the steel balls in his hands and talking about ice cream like Captain Queeg from the Caine Mutiny!


U.S. Set to Revise Data on Global Terror Attacks

"From Wednesday, June 9, 2004 issue.

The State Department said yesterday that it underreported the number of worldwide terrorist attacks for 2003 in its annual Patterns of Global Terrorism report and would soon release an updated version, according to the Los Angeles Times (see GSN, May 26).

The report — considered the authoritative accounting of international terrorist incidents around the world — was cheered in April by the Bush administration as proof of success in the war on terrorism.

The new report could show that the number of significant terrorist incidents increased last year, perhaps to its highest level in two decades, according to several U.S. officials and terrorism experts.

“It will change the numbers,” a State Department official told the Times. “The incidents will go up, but I don’t know by how many,” the official added.

Representative Henry Waxman (D-Calif.) requested the recount in a May 17 letter to Secretary of State Colin Powell. While he praised the agency’s decision yesterday, Waxman added that the Bush administration has not addressed his allegation that it manipulated data to claim victory against terrorism.

“This manipulation may serve the administration’s political interests, but it calls into serious doubt the integrity of the report,” Waxman wrote in the May 17 letter to Powell.

Citing analysis by two independent experts who used State Department figures, Waxman told Powell that the number of significant terrorist attacks since 2001 has actually risen by more than 35 percent. The 2003 count ended on Nov. 11, but several significant attacks occurred afterward that year, he said.

Several Department officials denied the numbers were politically motivated.

“That’s not the way we do things here,” said one senior official.

Another senior official blamed the inaccuracies on clerical errors. The official said the recent shift of responsibility for the report from the CIA to the administration’s new Terrorist Threat Integration Center resulted in the problems (Josh Meyer, Los Angeles Times, June 9)."


Experts Criticize U.S. State Department Terrorism Report For Too Much Positive “Spin”

"WASHINGTON — The latest version of the U.S. State Department’s annual terrorism report came under fire last week from critics who accused the department of placing positive “spin” on the reports’ findings (see GSN, April 30).

Late last month, the State Department released its 2003 Patterns of Global Terrorism report, according to which there were 190 acts of international terrorism last year. The 2003 total, according to the report, represents a “slight decrease” from the 198 total incidents that occurred in 2002 and a 45-percent decrease from the 346 total incidents that occurred in 2001. In addition, the report also notes that the 2003 total is the lowest reported number of annual terrorist attacks since 1969.

During an April 29 State Department press briefing to release the report, Deputy Secretary of State Richard Armitage said the data provided “clear evidence that we are prevailing in the fight” against terrorism.

Last week, however, two U.S. university professors published a commentary in the Washington Post criticizing the reports’ findings. While the number of total terrorist incidents may have decreased, the only verifiable information in the report indicates that the number of “significant” terrorist incidents has actually increased annually since 2001, according to Princeton University economics professor Alan Krueger and Stanford University political science professor David Laitin.

“Are we winning the war on terrorism?” wrote Krueger and Laitin. “The short answer is ‘No,’ but that’s not the spin the administration is putting on it,” they added.

The Associated Press reported today that U.S. officials are concerned that al-Qaeda might attempt a large-scale terrorist attacks this summer, possibly using weapons of mass destruction (see related GSN story, today).

Of the 190 terrorist incidents reported last year, 169 are detailed in a report appendix entitled “Chronology of Significant Terrorist Incidents, 2003” — a 36-percent increase from the 124 significant incidents reported in 2001, according to Krueger and Laitin. The remaining 21 nonsignificant acts that occurred last year, however, are not described in detail in the report and are therefore unverifiable, they wrote, adding that the Bush administration engaged in “sleight of hand” by combining the number of significant and nonsignificant incidents to reach a conclusion of an overall decline in terrorist incidents.

“The alleged decline in terrorism in 2003 was entirely a result of a decline in nonsignificant events,” Krueger and Laitin wrote. “The fact that the number of nonsignificant terrorist acts has headed down — even if true — is, well, nonsignificant,” they added.

Krueger and Laitin’s criticisms were included in a letter sent last week to Secretary of State Colin Powell by Representative Henry Waxman (Calif.), the top Democrat on the House Government Reform Committee. In his letter, Waxman called on Powell to provide by June 1 a “detailed” listing of all total terrorist incidents since 1995 and information about how last year’s terrorism report was prepared, including the identities of the members of the U.S. Government Incident Review Panel, which decides which attacks will be included.

The U.S. State Department did not return calls for comment on Krueger and Laitin’s criticisms. In a written response to Global Security Newswire today, Krueger said the department’s silence so far indicated that “some folks there have recognized that our criticisms were appropriate and devastating.”


Terrorism INCREASES under Bush

The State Department is scrambling to revise its annual report on global terrorism to acknowledge that it understated the number of deadly attacks in 2003, amid charges that the document is inaccurate and was politically manipulated by the Bush administration.
When the most recent "Patterns of Global Terrorism" report was issued April 29, senior Bush administration officials immediately hailed it as objective proof that they were winning the war on terrorism. The report is considered the authoritative yardstick of the prevalence of terrorist activity around the world.

"Indeed, you will find in these pages clear evidence that we are prevailing in the fight" against global terrorism, Deputy Secretary of State Richard L. Armitage said during a celebratory rollout of the report.

But on Tuesday, State Department officials said they underreported the number of terrorist attacks in the tally for 2003, and added that they expected to release an updated version soon.

Several U.S. officials and terrorism experts familiar with that revision effort said the new report will show that the number of significant terrorist incidents increased last year, perhaps to its highest level in 20 years.

"It will change the numbers," said one State Department official who declined to comment further or be identified by name. "The incidents will go up, but I don't know by how many."


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