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...... "Too many good docs are getting out of the business.

......Too many OB/GYN's aren't able to practice their...their love with women all across the country."�GEORGE BUSH

Sept. 6, 2004, Poplar Bluff, Mo.


Mr. "BRING IT ON" Man, got his ass kicked by his own bicycle!

Scientific experiment to PROVE the economy is "ON FIRE" and there are lots of
high paying jobs being created. Heck, you can't even turn around without being offered a six figure CEO position, right? LOLOLOL...MORE of "THE BIG LIE"!
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Saturday, August 14, 2004


Ex-lover alleges harassment by governor of New Jersey / He denies seeking payoff for silence

"Allen Lowy, attorney for Golan Cipel, a former homeland security adviser to the governor, identified Cipel as the man with whom the governor had an extramarital affair, but he said the relationship was far from consensual. Lowy said McGreevey had attempted "to make my client a double victim: first, the sexual harassment by the governor, and now, he's a victim of an attempted smear campaign."

McGreevey denied the accusation.

"These are completely and totally false allegations from a person trying to exploit his relationship with the governor," said Micah Rasmussen, the governor's spokesman. "The matter has been referred to federal authorities for investigation."

McGreevey, 47, announced Thursday that he would step down Nov. 15 after disclosing that he had engaged in an adulterous affair with a man -- confirmed by a former aide to be Cipel -- that left the governor vulnerable to "false allegations and threats of disclosure." With his wife at his side, he also declared that he is "a gay American."

Shortly before that startling admission, McGreevey and his representatives contacted the FBI to complain that Cipel had sought money from him and threatened to file a lawsuit accusing him of sexual harassment, said Assemblyman Joseph Cryan, a friend of McGreevey's and vice chairman of the Democratic State Committee. "
I'm confused. From what I read, this Cipel guy met McGreevey while Civel was a tour bus operator.

"McGreevey met Cipel in 2000 during a trade and political trip to Israel, according to news accounts and a person close to McGreevey. The future governor was then the mayor of Woodbridge, N.J., and Cipel, a native of Israel, was a spokesman for the mayor of a city near Tel Aviv.

Several months later, Cipel came to the United States to work on McGreevey's gubernatorial campaign and was paid by the Democratic State Committee.

As governor in 2002, McGreevey named Cipel as his adviser on homeland security, a job that paid $110,000 a year. But Cipel, a published poet and former officer in the Israeli navy, left state government after news organizations and Republicans repeatedly raised questions about his qualifications. Cipel soon landed jobs at two politically connected businesses. "

Cipel was also formerly an officer in the Israeli Navy. Now, apparently McGreevey made this Cipel a Homeland Security Czar, gave him a big salary, and this Cipel, who I suppose is gay, and McGreevey was gay, and suddenly, Cipel is claiming sexual harassment? This just seems to stink to high heaven.

Look, you move to another country, are given a high paying job by a gay lover, and suddenly you want to claim harassment?

Yeah, right!


State loses 17,300 jobs -- experts are puzzled / Despite a strong economy, July's numbers disappoint

"State loses 17,300 jobs -- experts are puzzled
Despite a strong economy, July's numbers disappoint

Tom Abate, Chronicle Staff Writer
Saturday, August 14, 2004

California lost 17,300 payroll jobs in July, the state Employment Development Department reported Friday, an unexpected drop that overshadowed a slight dip to 6.1 percent in the state's unemployment rate. "
This really is HILARIOUS. They are "puzzled" why California lost
17,300 payroll jobs in July...despite the economy being "so strong"...Look all you Sherlocks working for the state...it's ONLY puzzling if you swallow the Koolaid from King George Bush the Crazy! If you start by understanding the economy is IN THE DUMPSTER and is going down faster than a snowball melts in hell, then, OUILA...no puzzle. It suddenly becomes clear.

Denounce the Big Lie, Say NO to the KoolAid and suddenly you understand a LOT that puzzles you now.


The Monitor - McAllen, Texas

"Man Drives Into Lake, Tries to Smoke Crack

NORTH PATCHOGUE, N.Y. (AP) -- A police chase ended when a Long Island motorist drove into a backyard pond and tried to smoke a crack pipe just before his car sank, police said.

Officers tried to stop Yasyn Abdul-Mattin, 32, after seeing him driving erratically at about 12:16 a.m. Friday, Suffolk County Police said.

Instead of pulling over, Abdul-Mattin took off and went up a private driveway, continuing into a backyard pond, police said in a news release.

Police said Abdul-Mattin refused to get out of the car and tried to light a crack pipe instead. Just before the car sank, he climbed out a rear window that an officer had broken, police said"
But the brutha just wants to smoke crack!


The Monitor - McAllen, Texas

"57-year-old veteran called for duty
August 14,2004
Brittney Booth
© The Monitor, 2004

McALLEN — He’s 57 years old, afflicted with skin cancer, partially deaf and suffers from high blood pressure. But the U.S. Army still wants Master Sgt. Luis Jaime Treviño.

On July 14, the Vietnam and Desert Storm veteran received his third order to report to active duty — mobilized for Operation Iraqi Freedom.

"I was very shocked," Treviño said, a member of the Army’s Individual Ready Reserve. IRRs are not part of a reserve unit, do not get paid and do not attend monthly reserve training. However, because of critical skills they possess, they can be recalled to duty if needed.

In disbelief, he called the Army hotline listed on his orders.

"Am I reading this thing right? At my age you still want me?" he asked.

But there was no mistake. Treviño is to report to a mobilization unit Sept. 15 at Fort Jackson, S.C. "If I do not execute these orders, I go to jail," he said.

Treviño, a Rio Grande City native, served in the U.S. Air Force during the Vietnam War, and then joined the Army reserves in 1972. The former middle school teacher also served during Desert Storm in 1991. And though Treviño is willing to serve again, he wonders why the military wants him.

"I’m honored to go, but I’m disabled and I’m too old," he said.

But the Army disagrees.

Reservists under the age of 60 are being activated, said Public Affairs Specialist Julia Collins of the Human Resources Command in St. Louis.

"I know many guys who are in that position," she said. "It’s not unusual."

While Treviño’s age does not disqualify him from serving, his medical condition may.

The U.S. Veteran’s Administration considers Treviño 100 percent disabled because of the cancerous cells on his face and his bilateral hearing loss.

His middle left finger is bandaged, hiding the portion doctors removed on Thursday for a biopsy. He also takes medicine daily to control his blood pressure and hypertension.

However, the V.A. has no bearing on the Army’s decision, so Treviño is requesting an exemption from the Delay and Exemption Board.

Collins said the delay and exemption board will review Treviño’s request for an exemption along with a doctor’s verification of his medical condition. Medical conditions are evaluated on a case by case basis.

"Because it sounds like he has medical issues, it will probably go to surgeon’s office for review," she said.

The delay and exemption board will then make a recommendation, the legal department will review it. The commander will make a final ruling as to whether Treviño will go to Iraq, she said.

"Obviously they intend not to send people who have severe medical conditions," she said. "We have to send soldiers that are physically fit to serve their country."

Though his physical health is less than sterling, Treviño thinks the Army may need his expertise. Treviño is a refueling specialist, an expert in petroleum, oils and lubricants.

"The Army is going to try to keep me there. Sergeants are very high in demand," he said.

Collins agreed that Treviño’s skill is needed.

"That definitely would be something that would be sought after, especially when transportation and supply routes are important," she said.

Treviño’s military pride is evident in his North McAllen home. Photographs taken of Treviño in his Air Force and Army Reserve uniforms adorn the walls and he converted a bedroom into a storage room for his hobby — model military airplanes.

He re-enlisted in the Individual Ready Reserve in 2003 because "I wanted to stay in for a hobby." However, he didn’t anticipate being sent to active duty.

"If I have to go, I’ll go. That’s my job. I’m not a coward," he said. "The only concern I have is my skin cancer and my age. I’m pushing 58. I’m an old dingbat."

He also worries for his parents in Rio Grande City.

"My parents are honored for me to go. They are very proud of me," he said. "But they are concerned." "
They must be killing them pretty fast that now they have to get
the 57 year old guys with cancer.


nuvo.net / Busting Berry's Music

"Mixtapes — a key route to stardom
Sometime in the late ’90s, Alan started hearing about something called mixtapes. A phenomenon with roots in the ’70s, mixtapes are cassettes (now CDs) put out by regional DJs: compilations of what they deem to be the hottest new tracks around. A typical mixtape might include remixes or mashups along with hits of the day. But sometime in the ’90s, there was a shift away from mixtapes emphasizing turntable skills to ones showcasing exclusives — guest freestyles by name rappers, as well as new tracks unavailable anywhere else. DJs became virtual talent scouts and mixtapes became the new urban radio, a means of hearing cutting-edge new music.

Fans depended on their favorite DJ to sift through the weeds, to showcase the hottest new joints — and major labels began to realize that here was a cheap and effective marketing tool, a way of testing and breaking new artists. Before long the majors were sending DJs new product in hopes of being included in their monthly mixes. Mixtapes became a key route to stardom for many hip-hop artists, including Fabolous, the LOX and, above all, 50 Cent, whose major-label debut entered the charts at No. 1 after the rapper starred on the mixtape scene for a good three years.

“Back then I didn’t know what they were really about,” Alan remembers, though it didn’t take much investigating to find out. “I got some of the local DJs’ names, JF I think was one of the first ones, Paul Bunyon ...” At first, Berry’s stocked only local mixes, buying them directly from the source. When they sold well enough to become a permanent fixture in the store, Alan started adding mixes by prominent national DJs as well. Mix-CDs soon made up about 5 percent of Berry’s’ total sales.

Knocks at the door
In 2002, with business booming, the brothers opened a second store on the Southside. By then, Andy Berry had become more of a silent partner, with Alan overseeing the stores’ day-to-day operations. By 2003, Berry’s Music was enjoying yearly sales of $1.7 million (up from $46,000 its first year). Then, on Sept. 23, came a knock at the store’s back door that would derail Alan Berry’s life. “I was at our warehouse and got a call from one of the stores saying, ‘Hey Alan, the police are here with an RIAA agent and they’re wanting to confiscate all the mixes.’ I’m like, ‘What are you talking about?’ I couldn’t believe it.”

Armed with search warrants, the officers grabbed all the mix-CDs from both stores, then headed to the Berrys’ warehouse. Though they had no search warrant for the warehouse, Alan, believing he had nothing to hide, let them look around there as well. “We didn’t have any duplicating equipment [for pirating CDs], if that’s what they were looking for. And as for the mixes, we never really questioned the legalities of them. We never did. Because, one, we were getting some of the mix-CDs through our regular vendors that we bought our quote-unquote ‘legit’ product from. The same place I would get the Interscope record from, I would get mix-CDs from, from national distributors. Two, the artists are on there endorsing the mixes. I mean, Eminem’s on the mix-CD saying, ‘Yo, this is Eminem. You’re listening to DJ Green Lantern.’ Then he drops three or four exclusive free-styles and he’s talking within the mix, about the mix itself, saying Lantern’s his man. You would kind of assume that Eminem’s fine with it.”

But arguing their case at the warehouse proved a waste of time and the police continued to gather up discs. It amounted to $10,000 worth of stock — a significant hit, but no arrests were made and Alan felt that if confiscating the mixes was the worst that happened, his store would survive. For about two months, it looked like that might be the case. Then came another knock at the back door. It was a Marion County sheriff, there to arrest Alan Berry on 13 felony counts of royalty theft and fraud. Alan was handcuffed, taken down to lockup, strip-searched, deloused, put in an orange jump suit — and finally released 12 hours later on $15,000 bond. Andy Berry, now living in Florida, went through the same ordeal once he flew back to Indy and turned himself in.

Still, it wasn’t the arrests per se that doomed Berry’s Music. According to Alan, it was the reckless media coverage they received. Channel 8 was first to report the story, broadcasting a straightforward account of the raid that even allowed Alan Berry to question the illegality of mixes. Soon after, the story received national attention in the Village Voice and on MTV.

Then, some weeks later, Fox 59’s evening news featured a special report on counterfeit CDs “that look and sound so close to legitimate discs, even music store owners can’t tell the difference.” Donald Finch, a local investigator working for the RIAA, held up a fake Beyonce CD (that indeed looked pretty real) and confirmed that a “truck full” of such CDs had been confiscated locally over the previous few months. The discs taken from Berry’s Music had included no counterfeits — and the segment never cited Berry’s (or any other store) by name — but, coming on the heels of the raid and the Channel 8 story, viewers could certainly be forgiven for assuming that’s who the Fox story was referring to. As a kicker, the report ended by casually noting that many of the places selling counterfeits are also associated with drugs and organized crime.

Following the actual arrests, The Indianapolis Star ran a story with a headline reading “BROTHERS ACCUSED OF SELLING BOOTLEGS” — even though the charges leveled against the Berrys had nothing to do with bootleg recordings. The words “bootleg” or “counterfeit” appear in the six-paragraph story four times; the words “mixtape” or “mix-CD” zero times.

The RIAA’s official Web site defines “bootleg” as “unauthorized recordings of live concerts or musical broadcasts,” i.e. all those Phish cassettes or Bob Dylan Live at Wherever discs everyone’s owned at one time or other. Berry’s sold none of these. The organization defines “counterfeits” as “unauthorized recordings of the prerecorded sound as well as the unauthorized duplication of original artwork, label, trademark and packaging” — in other words, illegally manufactured exact duplicates of official CD releases (the subject of Channel 59’s report), which, again, Berry’s was never accused of selling. But by casually throwing these terms around and making no attempt to differentiate between mix-CDs and regular album CDs, The Star and Fox stories left the impression that Berry’s Music was in the habit of selling cheap knockoffs."
This article is worth reading in full, because I think it shows how evil, and I mean that word, how EVIL the RIAA really is!


CBS News | Hecklers Banned At Bush Rallies | August 13, 2004�21:09:18

"(CBS) There was a full-throated roar of support for President Bush at a New Mexico rally -- adoring crowds and a beaming candidate -- the stuff great political theater is made of -- and it's no accident, reports CBS New White House Correspondent Bill Plante.

Said a rally organizer, "I wanna hear lots of cheering in there for the president!"

The event tickets went to busloads of pre-screened party faithful -- who poured in hours in advance -- to be greeted and organized by Bush campaign staffers.

"We don't want anybody with a dry throat. We want you yelling for the president!" they were told.

The art of TV-friendly political stagecraft reaches new levels in this campaign. At "Ask President Bush" events, even the president makes no bones about the fact that he's speaking to invited guests.

"Okay, I've asked some citizens to come and help me make my points," he said.

As relaxed and affable as a talk show host, the president answers friendly questions -- which are often not questions at all.

"Mr. President, I don't have a question. I've got three thank-yous," said one supporter.

He also helps his handpicked guests to make a point.

"I don't know, Linda, if you're in a position to say this. But most people who go back to school with the new jobs end up making more money."

Linda: "Absolutely."

Mr. Bush: "Yeah, she was. That's good."

This tight control means that hecklers like those who greeted Kerry and Edwards in Missouri are almost never seen at Bush events.

And that doesn't seem to bother the president's supporters.

"I think it was more of a rally to get the supporters rallied up, so I think it served its purpose," said a guest.

But what about inviting some voters who haven't yet made up their minds?

"You mean the people who don't support Bush? They're only gonna sit and chat and you won't get to hear anything," said a backer.

It's all about getting out the message without any distractions, and making sure that there's no public argument to spoil the party. "


Who would Jesus Vote For?

"Who Would Jesus Vote For?
By Edgar J. Steele

"I'd rather vote for something and not get it than vote for something I don't want, and get it."
--- Eugene V. Debs, Five-Time Socialist Candidate for President (1855-1926)

Shortly after George W. Bush first assumed office, I found myself driving down a rural Arkansas road, enroute to a speaking engagement. A small church stood alongside the road and, as I swept past, I noticed that it's readerboard said, "The lesser of two evils is still evil." I nodded to the wisdom of that rural pastor in posting his commentary on things Presidential. I assumed he meant Bush, of course, as representing the lesser evil in the choice that America had just made.

That was before 9-11. Before the Patriot Act. Before the airport Gestapo-like crackdowns. Before so many Patriot community leaders were imprisoned on trumped-up charges. Before America had killed so many innocents in both Afghanistan and Iraq. Before the gutting of America's constitutional Bill of Rights had been undertaken with a vengeance. Before the coming worldwide Depression truly was set in stone by outlandish government spending and immoral fiscal policy.

Remember those days?

Amazing how far we have come. I never would have thought it possible to sit here, over three years later, and actually feel nostalgic about the Bill Clinton era. Ah, for the good old days when I merely was ashamed of America's President and thought governmental growth and spending to be simply grossly out of control.

The lesser of two evils is still evil. "
Or as I said in an earlier article...the lesser of two WEEVILS!


The waiting is over, but for the hosts the Olympic spirit is already broken

"Richard Williams in Athens
Saturday August 14, 2004
The Guardian

The giant white airship, devoid of markings but humming with surveillance devices, is now as familiar a feature of the Athenian skyline as the Acropolis. High above it, criss-crossing the airlanes at 20,000ft, the Mirage interceptors of the Greek air force are as invisible as the gods of the ancient world."
Big Brother is watching.


WFTV.com - News - Woman Sent To Jail For Smoking Around Kids

"BOWLING GREEN, Va. -- A woman was sentenced Thursday to 10 days in jail for defying a court order not to smoke around her children.

Not weird enough?
Read more strange news
LOOK! Strange News Photos

Tamara Silvius was banned last year from smoking around the youths, now ages 8 and 10, as part of a custody arrangement with her ex-husband.


WEIRD! Check out 99 incredibly unusual photos -- from a bizarre fight to two cloned kittens and more!

She allegedly violated the order during a trip to South Carolina for Thanksgiving. For that, Silvius was fined $500 and was given a 10-day suspended sentence on the condition she not do it again.

But Silvius was back in court Thursday for violating the order a second time in June. Silvius, a pack-a-day smoker, claims the restriction violates her rights."

It's the New Freedom boys and girls! Enjoy it? Write the president and let him know how much you enjoy the New Freedom.


t r u t h o u t - Steve Weissman | How Far Will Bush Go?

"George W. Bush and the people around him share a similar power, though with devilishly different beliefs. Having freed themselves from the moral qualms that restrained even the Nixon Administration, Team Bush can do things that lesser mortals would never dream of. They have cast themselves as Supermen.

Just look at their lineup of Nietzschean ubermenschen. The Prince of Darkness Richard Perle, his imperial soul mate Paul Wolfowitz of Arabia, and their fellow neo-conservatives clearly feel it their right - nay, their sacred obligation - to twist the truth when twisting serves their undoubtedly righteous cause. Douglas Feith, another neo-con at the Pentagon, even has an Office of Special Plans, which refudged as "intelligence" the fables that Ahmad Chalabi and other Iraqi exiles cooked up to drag America into their war of choice. Remember the Weapons of Mass Destruction? And all the collaboration between Saddam and Osama? The neo-cons sold us those lies, for our own good, to be sure. They're now selling Iran.

William Kristol, editor of the neo-con Weekly Standard, feels the same about the torture and sexual humiliation of those we capture. We're the good guys. At least some of them are bad guys. And whatever we're doing to them, we're getting the information we need. So don't obsess. Supermen never do.

Donald Rumsfeld, the Pentagon chief, is no neo-con. More a traditional Republican conservative, he put the torturers in place. Why not? When you have the power, use it.

Dick Cheney, the vice-president, thinks in much the same way. Like Rumsfeld, he wants Washington and its fat-cat friends to grab as much of the world's oil as they can, using the War on Terror as an Open Sesame for global plunder. Billion-dollar construction contracts are only added value. Why not? Who's going to stop me?

Karl Rove, the president's political Houdini, is an old-fashioned Christian conservative, of the kind that worries considerably less about how presidents go to war than where they put their pecker. Promised his pie in the sky without the need to do good works, Rove shows an utter lack of embarrassment as his party faithful do the most God-awful anti-democratic deeds.

In Florida, Brother Jeb seeks to purge the electoral rolls to cut down the number of Afro-American voters, who look likely to vote Democratic. Rove never blushes, but calmly plans to send out thousands of "poll watchers" nationwide on election day to harass Afro-American, Native American, and non-Cuban Hispanic voters, hoping to drive down the Democratic turn-out.

Across the country, Republicans hustle to sell an unsuspecting public on computerized touch-screen voting without a proper paper trail that would allow officials to check the results. I can just see Rove toting up the numbers. Just how many extra votes in which states would the GOP need to win?

In Washington, Tom Ridge lets slip the possibility of having to postpone the November election - in case of a terrorist attack, you understand. I'd give my right arm and tennis racquet just to know the role Rove played in that one. Or in the announcement of an earlier terrorist capture just as John Kerry was about to speak at the Democratic Convention. Or in the terror alert based on computer files dated before 9/11. Or in blowing the cover of an all-too-rare double-agent within al-Qaeda in a vain effort to give credibility to the alert that even mainstream journalists saw for what it was.

None of these had anything to do with the presidential campaign, did they, Mr. Rove?

Mr. Bush himself is harder to figure. What really drives him? Oil? Power? A simplistic, overly militarized view of how to fight ideologically driven terrorists? Revenge for Saddam's contract on the elder Bush? A son's desire to finish what his father failed to complete? Or, heaven forbid, the voice of "a higher father?"

I have no idea how to disentangle the mix. I doubt Mr. Bush does either. I can only admit to a deep-seated dread when I read in an online newspaper from Pennsylvania's Lancaster County what the president told Old Order Amish farmers. "I trust God speaks through me," he said. "Without that, I couldn't do my job.''

God talks to me George. He says you're a dangerous lunatic!


Novak on why he published the name

Here's a video of Novak saying why he published the name.

Tim Russert, who has been subpoenaed, asks him if he was committing a crime by publishing the name. Of course Novak protests he didn't commit a crime.

Why don't you throw up the peace sign and say "I am not a crook" and we can give you a cookie for your Nixon impersonation.


Times reporter subpoenaed in CIA probe

"NEW YORK (AP) -- New York Times reporter Judith Miller has been subpoenaed by the grand jury trying to determine who leaked the identity of a covert CIA officer, the newspaper said Friday."

OK..yada yada the Times vows to fight it.

But here's MY question. The people in the government who leaked the info on the female agent are in for possibly some serious legal problems, but why, O WHY, is Robert Novak not being gone after in this?

In the same article it says :
"Syndicated columnist Robert Novak disclosed the name of CIA officer Valerie Plame on July 14, 2003, citing two "senior administration officials" as his sources. Disclosure of an undercover official's identity can be a felony.

Plame's name appeared in Novak's column about a week after her husband, former ambassador Joseph Wilson, published a newspaper opinion piece criticizing President Bush's claim in the 2003 State of the Union address that Iraq had tried to obtain uranium from Niger."

So, wouldn't that mean Novak, by publishing a name he had, acting feloniously?
He didn't have to print/publish it, and just a little goggle searching would disclose that revealing the name is a felony. So WHY aren't they targetting Novak?


Layoffs under Bush administration among highest in U.S. history

"by Madeleine Baran
The NewStandard/ August 2, 2004

Aug 2 - During the first three years of the Bush administration, the layoff rate reached 8.7 percent for workers over 20 years old, one of the highest rates on record, according to the New York Times .

The survey also recorded the highest layoff rate ever for long-tenured workers -- those who held their job for more than three years. Employers laid off 5.3 million, or 6.3 percent of all long-tenured workers between 2001 and 2003.

In the past, layoffs peaked during recessions and declined during economic booms; but a new survey by the Bureau of Labor Statistics shows that the layoff rate is increasing regardless of the state of the rest of the US economy.

"No one should be surprised by the increasing frequency of layoffs," James Glassman, senior US economist for the investment firm J. P. Morgan Chase, told the New York Times . "It is the echo of globalization. Companies are shifting production around more frequently to take advantage of low-cost centers."
But guys, King George the Crazy says the economy is strong. If we believe him,
all the facts out there don't make sense. He wouldn't LIE to us would he?


Mike Wallace is just the tip of the iceberg


The bizarre run-in between Mike Wallace and Taxi & Limousine Commission inspectors - which led to the arrest for disorderly conduct of an 86-year-old man armed only with a meatloaf - is unique in its particulars. But it is hardly out of character for the TLC.
TLC inspectors operate in a culture of lawlessness, which in recent years has started at the very top of the agency. They tend to be hypervigilant in enforcing TLC's rules but untrained in the law and the Constitution, not to mention manners and good sense.

While the case against Wallace is likely to be dropped - or laughed out of court - taxi drivers are rarely so lucky. When they encounter a TLC inspector, they can be ticketed for a variety of alleged misdeeds, anything from failure to fill out a trip sheet to "failure to cooperate" to unspecified "acts against the best interest of the public."

Drivers face fines or even the revocation of their licenses - the basis for their livelihoods - often solely on the word of the same kind of folks who arrested Wallace. It happens hundreds of times a year."
I'm not a fan of Wallace, but the arrest was a travesty.


Don't go beyond the Village

I recently saw M. Night Shyamalan's film and though it didn't strike me at first, there are striking similarities with modern day America.

In the movie,this is a spoiler so if you haven't seen it...don't read the rest.

Scroll down if you've seen the film or don't care about the twists.

Keep Scrolling...

In the movie, the elders make up this story about boogiemen,
i.e. creatures, who supposedly live just beyond their borders.
The border to their village is marked by poles with YELLOW flags
attached. Remember how this country is in YELLOW alert most of the
time? The villagers are kept living in a simpler time, but their
freedom is curtailed by having to stay in the Village. As a result
of not being able to go beyond their borders, they occasionally
have someone die for lack of good medical attention who could
otherwise be saved or helped (Can you say "stem cell research").

The Villagers must avoid the color red, and if they find something
red, they must immediately bury it (sorry, but the red symbol and
Communist boogieman of McCarthyism, was just obvious as hell to me...
also, a red alert on the alert meter, means an attack, and in the movie,
the color red attracts them...meaning, if red is around, they are too).

The truth is, the Meat ritual where they offer up a sacrificial offering
of meat, the sounds of the creatures in the woods, they are all just
tricks by the elders to keep people believing. The elders even dress up
in monster costumes to perpetuate the hoax.

Of the whole village, a blind girl is the one who must go to reach the outside
(is this like Themis, goddess of justice with her eyes blindfolded?).

The whole movie was full of symbolism to me.

In this country, we are being lied to, and kept in line, in what Bush would have
as a fundamentalist, religious, simpler way of life...none of that evolution or abortion stuff. Perhaps he wants us to speak in thee and thou language too.

The terrorists of course, are the creature. During the story, the father of the blind girl, one of the leading town elders, says that the whole monster thing was
based on a story that said there were real monsters once in the woods.

To me, it's valuable in this regard to see the film. After you see it, reflect on these symbols...red=attack=attract, monsters=terrorists, yellow markers=yellow alert,
avoid red=avoid being hit by the bogieman, the 1800s, a simpler, more fundamentalist time where one just trusted the elders to tell you what to do , and, that's where Bush wants all of us little children to live. He wants to manage us with fake terror alerts and boggiemen. That's another point. They start finding dead, skinned animals in the Village, and this reminds me of the allegations that the government is involved in some of these terror events (www.infowars.com).

Anyway, may take on the movie.


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