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...... "Too many good docs are getting out of the business.

......Too many OB/GYN's aren't able to practice their...their love with women all across the country."�GEORGE BUSH

Sept. 6, 2004, Poplar Bluff, Mo.


Mr. "BRING IT ON" Man, got his ass kicked by his own bicycle!

Scientific experiment to PROVE the economy is "ON FIRE" and there are lots of
high paying jobs being created. Heck, you can't even turn around without being offered a six figure CEO position, right? LOLOLOL...MORE of "THE BIG LIE"!
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CodeWarriorz Thoughts: Wednesday, October 06, 2004 CodeWarriorZ BlueZ

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Wednesday, October 06, 2004


Bush is dead wrong

"Bush is dead wrong

Joseph Stiglitz
Wednesday October 6, 2004
The Guardian

Many around the world are surprised at how little attention the economy is receiving in President Bush's re-election campaign. But I am not surprised: if I were Bush, the last thing I would want to talk about is the economy. Yet many people look at America's economy, even over these past three-and-a-half years, with some envy. Annual economic growth - at an average rate of 2.5% - may have been markedly slower than during the Clinton years, but it still looks strong compared with Europe's anaemic 1%.
But these statistics mask a glaring fact: the average American family is worse off than it was three-and-a-half years ago. Median income has fallen by over $1,500 in real terms, with families being squeezed as wages lag behind inflation. In short, all that growth benefited only those at the top of the income distribution, the same group that had done so well over the previous 30 years and benefited most from Bush's tax cut.

For example, some 45 million Americans have no health insurance, up by 5.2 million from 2000. Families lucky enough to have health insurance face annual premiums that have nearly doubled, to $7,500. Families also face increasing job insecurity. This is the first time since the early 1930s that there has been a net loss of jobs over the span of a presidential administration.

Bush supporters ask: is Bush really to blame for this? Wasn't the recession already beginning when he took office?

The resounding answer is that Bush is to blame. Every president inherits a legacy. The economy was entering a downturn when Bush took office, but Clinton also left a huge budget surplus - 2% of GDP - a pot of money with which to finance a robust recovery. But Bush squandered that surplus, converting it into a deficit of 5% of GDP through tax cuts for the rich.

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The productivity growth that was sustained through the downturn presented an opportunity and a challenge. The opportunity: if the economy was well managed, the incomes of Americans could continue to rise as they had done in the 1990s. The challenge: to manage the economy so that growth would be robust enough to create the new jobs required by new entrants to the labour force. Bush failed the challenge, and America lost the opportunity.

True, the economy was stimulated a little by the tax cuts. But there were other policies that would have provided far more stimulus at far less cost. Bush's objective was to push forward a tax agenda that shifted the burden away from those who could best afford to bear it.

Bush's failed policies have cost the economy dearly, and have left it in a far weaker position going forward. The non-partisan Congressional Budget Office agrees that the deficit will not be eliminated in the foreseeable future - or even cut in half, as Bush has promised. Expenditures on which America's future economic health depends - infrastructure, education, health and technology - will be crowded out.

Because fiscal policy did not stimulate the economy, a greater burden was placed on monetary policy. Lower interest rates worked (a little), but for the most part by encouraging households to refinance their mortgages, not by stimulating investment. The increased indebtedness of households is already leading to higher bankruptcy rates, and will likely dampen the recovery.

National debt too has risen sharply. The huge trade deficit provides the spectacle of the world's richest country borrowing almost $2bn a day from abroad, contributing to the weak dollar and representing a major source of global uncertainty.

There might be some hope for the future if Bush owned up to his mistakes and changed course. But no: he refuses to take responsibility for the economy, just as his administration fails to take responsibility for its failures in Iraq. In 2003, having seen that its tax cuts for the rich had failed to stimulate the economy, the administration refused to revise its strategies. "


CNN.com - Polls declare different victors in VP debate - Oct 6, 2004

"Marc Racicot, chairman of President Bush's re-election campaign, said the vice president "proved once again that substance will always trump campaign rhetoric."
Yeah, that's why Edwards won the debate!


The New Yorker: Fact

"Breaking chemical lights and pouring the phosphoric liquid on detainees; pouring cold water on naked detainees; beating detainees with a broom handle and a chair; threatening male detainees with rape; allowing a military police guard to stitch the wound of a detainee who was injured after being slammed against the wall in his cell; sodomizing a detainee with a chemical light and perhaps a broom stick, and using military working dogs to frighten and intimidate detainees with threats of attack, and in one instance actually biting a detainee.

There was stunning evidence to support the allegations, Taguba added—“detailed witness statements and the discovery of extremely graphic photographic evidence.” Photographs and videos taken by the soldiers as the abuses were happening were not included in his report, Taguba said, because of their “extremely sensitive nature.”

The photographs—several of which were broadcast on CBS’s “60 Minutes 2” last week—show leering G.I.s taunting naked Iraqi prisoners who are forced to assume humiliating poses. Six suspects—Staff Sergeant Ivan L. Frederick II, known as Chip, who was the senior enlisted man; Specialist Charles A. Graner; Sergeant Javal Davis; Specialist Megan Ambuhl; Specialist Sabrina Harman; and Private Jeremy Sivits—are now facing prosecution in Iraq, on charges that include conspiracy, dereliction of duty, cruelty toward prisoners, maltreatment, assault, and indecent acts. A seventh suspect, Private Lynndie England, was reassigned to Fort Bragg, North Carolina, after becoming pregnant.

The photographs tell it all. In one, Private England, a cigarette dangling from her mouth, is giving a jaunty thumbs-up sign and pointing at the genitals of a young Iraqi, who is naked except for a sandbag over his head, as he masturbates. Three other hooded and naked Iraqi prisoners are shown, hands reflexively crossed over their genitals. A fifth prisoner has his hands at his sides. In another, England stands arm in arm with Specialist Graner; both are grinning and giving the thumbs-up behind a cluster of perhaps seven naked Iraqis, knees bent, piled clumsily on top of each other in a pyramid. There is another photograph of a cluster of naked prisoners, again piled in a pyramid. Near them stands Graner, smiling, his arms crossed; a woman soldier stands in front of him, bending over, and she, too, is smiling. Then, there is another cluster of hooded bodies, with a female soldier standing in front, taking photographs. Yet another photograph shows a kneeling, naked, unhooded male prisoner, head momentarily turned away from the camera, posed to make it appear that he is performing oral sex on another male prisoner, who is naked and hooded.

Such dehumanization is unacceptable in any culture, but it is especially so in the Arab world. Homosexual acts are against Islamic law and it is humiliating for men to be naked in front of other men, Bernard Haykel, a professor of Middle Eastern studies at New York University, explained. “Being put on top of each other and forced to masturbate, being naked in front of each other—it’s all a form of torture,” Haykel said.

Two Iraqi faces that do appear in the photographs are those of dead men. There is the battered face of prisoner No. 153399, and the bloodied body of another prisoner, wrapped in cellophane and packed in ice. There is a photograph of an empty room, splattered with blood.

The 372nd’s abuse of prisoners seemed almost routine—a fact of Army life that the soldiers felt no need to hide. On April 9th, at an Article 32 hearing (the military equivalent of a grand jury) in the case against Sergeant Frederick, at Camp Victory, near Baghdad, one of the witnesses, Specialist Matthew Wisdom, an M.P., told the courtroom what happened when he and other soldiers delivered seven prisoners, hooded and bound, to the so-called “hard site” at Abu Ghraib—seven tiers of cells where the inmates who were considered the most dangerous were housed. The men had been accused of starting a riot in another section of the prison. Wisdom said:

SFC Snider grabbed my prisoner and threw him into a pile. . . . I do not think it was right to put them in a pile. I saw SSG Frederic, SGT Davis and CPL Graner walking around the pile hitting the prisoners. I remember SSG Frederick hitting one prisoner in the side of its [sic] ribcage. The prisoner was no danger to SSG Frederick. . . . I left after that.

When he returned later, Wisdom testified:

I saw two naked detainees, one masturbating to another kneeling with its mouth open. I thought I should just get out of there. I didn’t think it was right . . . I saw SSG Frederick walking towards me, and he said, “Look what these animals do when you leave them alone for two seconds.” I heard PFC England shout out, “He’s getting hard.”

Wisdom testified that he told his superiors what had happened, and assumed that “the issue was taken care of.” He said, “I just didn’t want to be part of anything that looked criminal.”

Can we talk about THIS in Friday's debate?


Someone has GOT to say this, so I will.

Someone has to say when the Emperor has no clothes. Someone has to say that the stone soup has more than stones in it. And, someone has got to say something against this terrorist preoccupation BULLSHIT.

I've watched the first presidential debate, the vice-presidential debate, and God willing, I will watch the one coming Friday.

But, note to the moderator or whoever is making up these questions....


Uh...if you haven't fucking noticed ...this is the USA. Not Iraq, not Iran, not North Korea, not Darfur....the USA.

And, if you wanna know...45 million people have no fucking healthcare!

More and more people are moving into poverty and losing their jobs every damn DAY!

Inflation is rampant, the deficit is growing at a never before seen pace, and you FUCKING ASSHOLES are concerned with arranging the deck chairs while the Titanic is sinking.

That's what I consider this unwholesome, paranoid preoccupation with Bin Laden, Saddam, and all the other mindless idiots waiting to turn their brains into projectile jelly for Allah.

Look, cops are harassing and killing citizens here in the US. They do it daily. They've BEEN doing that for decades. Where is the righteous indignation about this?
They're arming themselves to the teeth with Glocks, Tasers, and all kinds of shit, as if this was Nazi Germany, they are the stormtroopers, and we are all Jews!

The militarization of the police forces around this country deserves maybe 30 seconds during a debate...so, how about it?

The environment has become a dumping group for industry, empowered and enabled by the Bush Reich...so how about discussing that?

And, if both parties have this unnatural preoccupation with Iraq, how about that Abu Ghraib prison thing....anyone give a shit about the US torturning prisoners and filming it for their enjoyment?

Look, I'm not saying Iraq should be a totally unaddressed topic. Not while over 1000 good Americans have been needlessly killed over there. Most thinking people with two brain cells to rub together will see we need to get our asses out of there STAT!

But, should this take up 3/4 or more of a national presidential debate when there are more serious and pressing issues that affect almost every one of us EVERY DAY?

What's wrong guys, are you SCARED to meet real issues head on?

Is the war considered the "sexy topic"?

There seems to be a mental illness which has strapped blinders on the media, the candidates, and the moderators of these debates.

Our only concern is not fucking IRAQ!


Is it the voice of God that Bush hears, or just his handler in an earpiece?

I have , along with others, thought that Bush has a small earpiece he wears to get instructions from his handlers. In a news confererence some time back, he was fumbling for an answer and saying it would come to him any minute, a clear signal to his handlers he needed help. And, if you watched his debate with Kerry, there was a lot of fumbling and nervousness, and then, all at once, he caught fire, talking fast and with confidence. I pointed out that someone must have finally held up the cue cards.

Something similar is reported on the isbushwired.com site.
"White House Press Conference, Dec. 15

A funny thing happened at the December 15th presidential press conference. Asked to comment on an earlier statement by Howard Dean regarding his alleged foreknowledge of 9/11, Bush stumbles about the stage, clearly caught off guard by the question, then delivers the line: "It's an absurd asinuation."

...it could not be more clear that Bush was provided the words with which to answer. At first, Bush stumbles about, repeating his previous line that "there's a time for politics." During this time, he's avoiding eye contact, shrugging, and delaying. Then, the answer is given to him, presumably through a wireless ear piece. Bush then suddenly delivers his line that "it's an absurd asinuation." The suddenness of his reply, after having been speechless, the smile in his eyes when he's given the correct answer, and his incorrect pronunciation of the word "insinuation" all lead to [the] conclusion that he was prompted to provide this answer. "

But, this begs an even broader question. Since Bush THINKS God is talking to him, and telling him to do things, could it actually be Karl Rove, PLAYING THE PART OF GOD?

Talk about your Manchurian Candidate!


print page


Thinking of the Supreme Commander GWB, I am reminded of an incident last Saturday when he was praising French President Chirac. I was watching CNN when all of a sudden, I heard another voice speaking Bush's pre-scripted lines before he did. That's right---the other voice would be heard BEFORE Bush's voice. What was that?

I thought at the time that that may have been done to give translators a head start on the President's words. Later, I had a call from a reader in Germany who told me she heard the same thing on CNN International including that same voice telling Bush what journalists to call on before he did. We have never heard that before. She asked: "Is someone controlling the president like a ventriloquist"?

It reminded me of a trick that some TV correspondents use for their on camera standups. They pre-record their standups for playback in their ears, and then turn to the camera in a way that you can't see the ear plug. They then play the tape and mouth their own words a long a few seconds later. It takes practice to be able to repeat the words but it makes for a smoother delivery without having to read. If I am right this means that this technique is used by the President to give his speeches the appearance of spontaneity, especially if he can't remember his own words. In this case, CNN picked up this audio track, perhaps because it was on a radio mic.

Fox News this morning reported uncritically on speculation that Dick Cheney may be replaced on the Republican ticket by "America's Mayor" Rudy Giuliani, a move they saw as perfect as an attention getting device in the upcoming speculation. Their related rumor is that Cheney will go to the CIA to replace George Tenet. "


Is Bush Wired?

Thanks to Mroop for giving me this link!

"Tuesday, October 05, 2004
The Voice in Bush's Ear
This site is a clearinghouse for discussion of whether President Bush uses an earpiece through which he's fed lines and cues by offstage advisers. His speech rhythms suggest this, as do some of his word choices and interjections, and his constantly shifting eye movements while speaking. And there's another form of evidence: Television viewers have sometimes heard another voice speaking Bush's words before he says them. When Bush spoke at D-Day ceremonies in France last June, for example, viewers watching on CNN, Fox and MSNBC, including mediachannel.org's Danny Schechter, were startled to hear another voice speaking Bush's words as if to prompt him. Some said this continued into a q & a. And on the night of 9/11, when Bush appeared on television to address the nation, viewers of one television station in Quincy, Massachusetts heard another voice speaking, slowly and carefully, a few words at a time -- words which were then recited by the president. The voice was nondescript, male, definitely not the president's voice, says Quincy resident Robyn Miller. This went on for at least four sentences, she says, and then the "extra" feed was cut off.

Reporters should have looked into this long ago. But for the past four years through Bush's first debate last week with John Kerry -- and even in the days after the debate -- the press has ignored the evidence of its eyes and ears, and failed to ask whether the president secretly relies on unseen handlers for some public events, including press conferences. If Bush wore a hidden earpiece to cheat in this way during his first debate with John Kerry (however unsuccessfully), it is urgent that the fraud be exposed before the election.

The agreement set by the debate commission barred shots of the candidates from the rear of the stage. The networks refused to comply with the camera angle rules, broadcasting occasional shots of the candidates from behind."


CNN.com - Class-action lawsuit against Ticketmaster - Oct 6, 2004

"'Seats were inadequate for viewing purposes'
Wednesday, October 6, 2004 Posted: 7:11 PM EDT (2311 GMT)

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NEW YORK (AP) -- A judge has approved a class-action lawsuit against Ticketmaster and Madison Square Garden for allegedly selling seats with obstructed views of Michael Jackson's 30th anniversary concert three years ago.

The judge said the suit potentially covers 7,840 ticket buyers "who received no advance notice that their seats were inadequate for viewing purposes."

The suit filed by Dana Gross, 32, says she paid Ticketmaster $98.50 plus service charges for each of six tickets to see the self-styled King of Pop's concert in September 2001. She's asking for $14 million in damages."


Pathological liars from 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue

"Pathological liars from 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue
Oct 6, 2004, 07:31
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You almost have to feel sorry for the bumbling idiots that infect the Bush Administration like lice.

The two faces of George W. Bush
They have told so many lies, twisted the facts so many times and changed their stories so often that you need a playbook to keep tabs on all the misinformation that comes out of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

From the time George W. Bush started building his propaganda campaign to justify the invasion of Iraq, he insisted his administration had “conclusive evidence” of a link between Saddam Hussein and al Qaeda, the masterminds of the 9-11 terrorist attacks.

A Central Intelligence Agency report sent to the White House last week, however, affirms what the agency has said all along – that no “conclusive evidence” exists of such a link.

Yet Vice President Dick Cheney continued to preach the company line Tuesday night in his debate with challenger John Edwards.

Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld changed two stories over the weekend and then changed them back again. First he said he never saw any proof of a link then said he was “misunderstood” in the speech where he said the proof did not exist. He also said in a TV interview on Sunday that Iraq’s mysterious weapons of mass destructions did not exist then claimed on Monday that they did.

The President said earlier this year that there was “never any question” that aluminum tubes sought by Hussein were to be used for production of weapons grade uranium. But National Security Advisor Condoleeza Rice said over the weekend that there were doubts all along about the real purpose of the tubes.

Bush told the American people over and over that there were enough troops in Iraq to “get the job done.” But Paul Bremer, the first man put in charge of Iraq’s reconstruction, says we never did.

"We paid a big price for not stopping it because it established an atmosphere of lawlessness. We never had enough troops on the ground," Bremer said Monday at a conference in West Virginia.

This pattern of lies doesn’t stop with Iraq. The White House ordered the Environmental Protection Agency to withhold the truth about health hazards in the air in Manhattan after the World Trade Center towers collapsed. The Bush administration withheld the true cost of so-called Medicare reform from Congress to make sure the bill passed. And the President has lied consistently about progress, or lack thereof, of his “war on terror.”

Bush has a pattern of lying, a pathology as deep as Bill Clinton’s inability to tell the truth. His pathological lies, however, are far more dangerous. Clinton lied about banging interns. Bush lies about issues that send Americans into harm’s way and has, to date, brought more than 1,000 of them home in body bags.

His lies have torn our country apart, placed us in a war we probably can’t win, destroyed American credibility with its allies and left most of us as helpless as any victim of a con game."


Capitol Hill Blue: Bush's weapons inspector says Iraq's WMD did not exist

"Bush's weapons inspector says Iraq's WMD did not exist
By Staff and Wire Reports
Oct 6, 2004, 14:09
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President Bush's handpicked weapons inspector Wednesday said Iraq had no stockpiles of biological and chemical weapons before last year's U.S.-led invasion and its nuclear program had decayed since the 1991 Gulf War.
The assessment destroys President Bush claims of a "growing threat" from Iraq's weapons of mass destruction as his primary reason for invading the country and overthrowing President Saddam Hussein.

"I still do not expect that militarily significant WMD stocks are cached in Iraq," Charles Duelfer, the CIA special adviser who led the hunt for weapons of mass destruction, said in testimony prepared for the Senate Armed Services Committee.

He said Iraq's nuclear weapons program had deteriorated since the 1991 Gulf War, but he said Saddam did not abandon his nuclear ambitions.

The issue has figured prominently in the campaign for the Nov. 2 U.S. presidential election, with Bush's Democratic opponent John Kerry saying Bush rushed to war without allowing U.N. inspections enough time to check out Iraq's armaments.

Bush, who has given varying justifications for the war, said in a speech in Pennsylvania on Wednesday that the concern was that terrorists would get banned weapons from Saddam. "


TheStar.com - Truth first casualty of Cheney debate style

"Truth first casualty of Cheney debate style


It's a wonder that millions of TV screens didn't shatter as U.S. Vice-President Dick Cheney's nose poked right through them last night. Just as he has in many, if not all, of his TV appearances since the terror attacks of 9/11, Cheney lied again during his 90-minute debate with Democratic vice-presidential contender, North Carolina Senator John Edwards.

Cheney even lied about lying about Iraq's supposed stores of weapons of mass destruction, Saddam Hussein's supposed ties to Al Qaeda, and just about everything else in this supposed "war on terror" — not to mention the illicit activities of Halliburton, the oil field supply corporation he used to run in the 1990s.

"The senator has got his facts wrong," Cheney said after the first of many times Edwards hammered him on Osama bin Laden. " I have not suggested there's a connection between Iraq and 9/11, but there's clearly an established Iraqi track record with terror."

If this column had a video component, right now we'd be rolling back the tape to show Cheney on CNBC's The Capital Report, as recently as last June, lying to host Gloria Berger. He denied what he said on Meet The Press in 2001, that it was "pretty well confirmed" that lead 9/11 hijacker Mohammed Atta had meetings with Iraqi intelligence.

"No, I never said that. ... Absolutely not," he told her — although he did.

That's also how it went last night when Edwards rat-tat-tatted on Halliburton's tax loopholes and deals with Saddam Hussein, Libya and Iraq.

Cheney coolly accused him of "trying to throw up a smokescreen" and making charges that are false. He then directed viewers to go to http://www.factcheck.org for the truth.

Trouble is, the website, maintained by the Annenberg Public Policy Center of the University of Pennsylvania, only deals with charges that Cheney continued to profit from Halliburton, which won no-bid contracts for the reconstruction of Iraq, after he was elected. Meanwhile, the allegation that his company did business with the so-called "axis of evil" remains undisputed.

You have to hand it to him: He's got, um, nerves of steel.

Meanwhile, Edwards stayed on message, and stayed the course of acting as attack dog, nipping away at the Bush-Cheney record in a way that presidential candidate John Kerry could not last Thursday. That's because he was going head-to-head with the president — and in the current political climate, it would probably not be a good tactic to be seen attacking George W. Bush."


Jacob Cohen died the other day.

An older Jewish gentleman died the other day. He sold paint til in his 40s.

Not many would look at Jacob's face and call him a handsome fellow.

He couldn't really sing or dance well...and his constant refrain was
that no one would give him respect....

But he DID get respect and his fame spread around the world,
and many will sorely miss this ex-paint salesman...

Oh yeah, along the way Jacob, for theatrical reasons, changed his name.

The name change? Rodney Dangerfield.

Rest in Piece Rodney...We respect you!


Capitol Hill Blue: Vice Presidential debate contentious with no clear winner

"Vice Presidential debate contentious with no clear winner
Oct 6, 2004, 02:57
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Vice President Dick Cheney and Democratic rival John Edwards slugged it out over Iraq, jobs and each other's judgment in their one and only debate Tuesday night before heading for the battleground state of Florida and its 27 electoral votes. Cheney was appearing Wednesday in Tallahassee, Edwards in West Palm Beach.
The hard-hitting debate between Cheney and Edwards set the stage for what is likely to be more of the same in Friday's second televised presidential showdown between their bosses.

The Bush camp claimed that a strong performance by Cheney helped break momentum that appeared to be going Kerry's way after the first presidential debate, while Democrats said Edwards more than held his own.

Both candidates got some encouragement from post-debate polls. Cheney fared best in an ABC News poll of a Republican-leaning group of registered voters who watched the debate, with 43 percent giving Cheney the edge, while 35 percent said Edwards won.

The Democrat was viewed more positively in a poll of 178 undecided voters by CBS News that found more of this crucial group thought he had won, 41 percent, than thought Cheney had won, 28 percent."


Capitol Hill Blue: CIA report refutes Bush claims on lraq-al Qaeda link

"CIA report refutes Bush claims on lraq-al Qaeda link
By Staff and Wire Reports
Oct 6, 2004, 03:02
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Even with intense pressure from the Bush Administration, the Central Intelligence Agency report found no conclusive evidence that former Iraqi President Saddam Hussein harbored Abu Musab al-Zarqawi - a link the administration claimed was established before the invasion of Iraq.
"There's no conclusive evidence the Saddam Hussein regime had harbored Zarqawi," a U.S. official said on Tuesday about the CIA findings contained in a new report.

The official, speaking on condition of anonymity, said the new report, a mix of new information and a look at some older information, did not make any final judgments or come to any definitive conclusions.

"To suggest the case is closed on this would not be correct," the official said in confirming an ABC News story about the CIA report that the network said was delivered to the White House last week.

ABC quoted an unnamed senior U.S. official as saying that the CIA document raises "serious questions" about Bush administration assertions that Zarqawi found sanctuary in pre-war Baghdad.

"The official says there is no clear cut evidence that Saddam Hussein even knew Zarqawi was in Baghdad," ABC reported. "
The Bush Administration LYING....business as usual for them!


CPD: 2004 Debate Transcript

Transcript of Debate between the Real Slim Cheney and John Edwards.



CHENEY -EDWARDS DEBATE....Attempt at Virutal Behdeading

We've seen the brutal beheading videos from Iraq. Hooded men, sawing away at a victim's neck with a knife...it reminded me of the constant ad hominem attacks
against John Edwards. Ad Homimem (to the man) attacks are usually resorted to in a debate format when you can't answer the facts presented by the other side.

Bush/Cheney tried a virtual beheading of Edwards during the debate...but Cheney appeared petty,
dissumulating, and a total jerk. The beheading didn't work DICK!

By the way, looking at the way Cheney acted, do you see NOW why they call him a DICK!


Cheney, Edwards Stretch Findings, Facts (washingtonpost.com)

"The vice president said Democratic presidential candidate John Kerry voted for the Iraq war, but the reality was more complex. The senator backed a resolution that allowed it to happen but said he took President Bush at his word that he'd exhaust weapons inspections and build a true coalition first."

"Cheney declared Saddam Hussein's Iraq "had an established relationship with al-Qaida" despite the prevailing theory by U.S. intelligence that such a link was tenuous and did not amount to state sponsorship of the terrorist organization or any link to the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks."

"In perhaps the most awkward blooper of the evening, Cheney told Edwards to his face that they had never met before the debate.

Edwards' campaign later provided a transcript of a February 2001 prayer breakfast at which Cheney began his remarks by acknowledging the North Carolina senator. The campaign said the two also met when Edwards accompanied the other North Carolina senator, Elizabeth Dole, to her swearing-in ceremony.

Cheney was trying to make the point that Edwards was an absentee senator. "The first time I ever met you was when you walked on the stage tonight."
The Real Slim Cheney, sneering that evil Bob Hope
with two Wild Turkeys under his belt on a drinking binge,
lied..no two ways about it...we all heard and saw him lie.


Cheney Clearly Lies during debate with Edwards...First time I met you...LIE!

"CLEVELAND - Vice President Dick Cheney said Tuesday that the debate against Democratic Sen. John Edwards marked the first time the two had met. In fact, the two had met twice previously.

"Now, in my capacity as vice president, I am the president of Senate, the presiding officer. I'm up in the Senate most Tuesdays when they're in session. The first time I ever met you was when you walked on the stage tonight," Cheney told Edwards during the debate.

In February 2001, the vice president thanked Edwards by name at a Senate prayer breakfast. Edwards aides also said the two met when the first-term North Carolina senator accompanied Elizabeth Dole to her swearing-in by Cheney as a North Carolina senator in January 2003.

Edwards didn't forget. The Democratic vice presidential nominee noted the discrepancy at a post-debate rally in a Cleveland park and used it as an example of Cheney "still not being straight with the American people."

"The vice president said that the first time I met Sen. Edwards was tonight when we walked on the stage. I guess he forgot the time we sat next to each other for a couple hours about three years ago. I guess he forgot the time we met at the swearing in of another senator. So, my wife Elizabeth reminded him on the stage," Edwards said as the crowd roared.

According to Edwards staff, Cheney replied, "Oh, yeah."

"She reminded him about the truth," Edwards told the crowd, "and come November, we're going to remind him that the American people do not want four more years of George W. Bush."

Cheney made the remark in accusing Edwards of frequent absences from Senate votes."


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