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...... "Too many good docs are getting out of the business.

......Too many OB/GYN's aren't able to practice their...their love with women all across the country."�GEORGE BUSH

Sept. 6, 2004, Poplar Bluff, Mo.


Mr. "BRING IT ON" Man, got his ass kicked by his own bicycle!

Scientific experiment to PROVE the economy is "ON FIRE" and there are lots of
high paying jobs being created. Heck, you can't even turn around without being offered a six figure CEO position, right? LOLOLOL...MORE of "THE BIG LIE"!
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CodeWarriorz Thoughts: Sunday, April 10, 2005 CodeWarriorZ BlueZ

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Sunday, April 10, 2005


ABC News: Santorum: DeLay Needs to Answer Questions

ABC News: Santorum: DeLay Needs to Answer Questions
The No. 3 Republican in the Senate said Sunday that embattled House Majority Leader Tom DeLay needs to answer questions about his ethics and "let the people then judge for themselves."

Sen. Rick Santorum's comments seem to reflect the nervousness among congressional Republicans about the fallout from the increased scrutiny into DeLay's way of doing business.

DeLay, R-Texas, has been dogged in recent months by reports of possible ethics violations. There have been questions about his overseas travel, campaign payments to family members and his connections to lobbyists who are under investigation.

Bush Hails Pope's Stand Against Communism
Reid Defends Dems' Fight Over Judges
The Note: Everywhere You Want to Be

"I think he has to come forward and lay out what he did and why he did it and let the people then judge for themselves," said Santorum, chairman of the Senate Republican Conference.
Santorum saying DeLay needs to be up front about ethics is like a leopard telling an hyena to be up front about its spots.


Deputy who Tasered a 12 year old girl with her hands cuffed behind her back strkes again!

Tallahassee Democrat | 04/10/2005 | Orange County deputy uses stun gun on high schooler

Orange County deputy uses stun gun on high schooler

By Dave Weber


ORLANDO - An Orange County deputy sheriff used a Taser on another high-school student this week as a debate continued on whether stun guns belong in schools.

It was the seventh Taser incident at Colonial High during the past two years and the 18th in Orange County schools during that time. All involved deputy sheriffs.

Details of the incident came to light Friday, shortly before a task force appointed by Orange County Sheriff Kevin Beary released a report urging more Taser training for deputies but saying they have shown restraint in using the devices.

The deputy working at Colonial High and the student disagree on when the Taser was used during a lunchtime scuffle Thursday outside the cafeteria.

Deputy Mark Leubscher reported that Phillip Planteny, 17, attacked him when he tried to break up a fight. A second deputy held Planteny to the ground while Leubscher gave him two shots with the stun gun, according to the officer's report.

Planteny told his mother he stepped in to break up the fight, which about 300 students gathered to watch. He told her he already was handcuffed when Leubscher used his Taser. She was outraged.

"When you are handcuffed, there is no reason you should be Tased," said Olga Hernandez. "And in school, a Taser is not called for."

Another student, Luiz Ortiz, 15, said he saw the fight and could not understand why the Taser was used.

"They put him in handcuffs, and then they Tased him," Ortiz said.

Leubscher would not comment on the incident Friday, but sheriff's officials spoke in his defense.

"The student lunged at the deputy and pushed him into a picnic table," said Crystal Candy, a sheriff's spokeswoman, who noted that the boy weighs 197 pounds. "He was not handcuffed when the Taser was administered."

Planteny is facing felony counts of battery on a law-enforcement officer, threatening a public official, and violation of probation for a previous offense, as well as a misdemeanor charge of disturbing the school, the sheriff's report said.

Leubscher previously used a Taser on an emotionally handicapped 12-year-old at Gateway School whose hands were cuffed behind his back, and on a 17-year-old boy at Colonial High who had been placed in the back of a patrol car.

Officials said a review of both incidents found the Taser was justified to keep those students from hurting themselves.


Infoshop News - Tasers and Our Fight Against Police Brutality

Infoshop News - Tasers and Our Fight Against Police Brutality

Saturday, April 09 2005 @ 02:41 PM PDT
Contributed by: Anonymous
Views: 139
We all want the police to stop shooting people. The Taser, providing an alternative to shooting as a means to incapacitate an individual, is said to decrease police shootings. However, knowing that police are capable of abusing any means they have to control people, we need to be aware of some of the factors involved with the Taser that the media and the police department won’t share with the public.

Tasers and Our Fight Against Police Brutality
by sallydarity

Take a moment to count five seconds. 1-2-3-4-5. That’s how long a taser usually stuns a person.

We all want the police to stop shooting people. The Taser, providing an alternative to shooting as a means to incapacitate an individual, is said to decrease police shootings. However, knowing that police are capable of abusing any means they have to control people, we need to be aware of some of the factors involved with the Taser that the media and the police department won’t share with the public.

Some primary concerns:
- Police departments that use tasers do not necessarily shoot less people due simply to the Taser.
- While in many cases the number of police shootings decreases when tasers are introduced to a police department, use-of-force incidents (police brutality) tend to significantly increase.
- Police department policies and training on tasers vary greatly from department to department. Some find it acceptable for a taser to be used on an individual who is passively resisting, while others require officers to use it only in situations where it is acceptable for officers to use a gun.
- Unarmed and non-threatening people have been tased simply for walking or running away from the police, not following a command quickly enough, for being loud, etc. Several people have been tased while already hand-cuffed.
- Non-threatening people who are mentally ill or disturbed have been tased. Children and the elderly have been tased. Pregnant women have been tased. People with heart conditions and epilepsy have been tased. Several people have died after being tased.

The majority of the information within this document is from Amnesty International’s Report on tasers, entitled “Excessive and lethal force? Amnesty International’s concerns about deaths and ill-treatment involving police use of Tasers” that can be found at http://web.amnesty.org/library/Index/ENGAMR511392004?open&of=ENG-USA . Unless stated otherwise, all quotes are from the above cited document.

How Tasers work:
More than 5,000 US law enforcement agencies are currently deploying Tasers, and the numbers are increasing rapidly. Most police departments use either the M26 or X26 model of Taser, manufactured by Taser International. The Taser delivers a 50,000 volt shock “designed to override the subject’s central nervous system, causing uncontrollable contraction of the muscle tissue and instant collapse.” The Taser can either shoot at a distance of up to 21 feet (some up to 25 feet), or used directly in “touch mode”. When fired, the Taser shoots two barbed probes at a speed of over 160 feet per second and sends an electrical charge through insulated wires to the target for 5 seconds. The Taser has laser sights for accurate targeting and is fired by an air cartridge, which must be reloaded for another shot. In both cases, the shock lasts for a default length of 5 seconds, but if the trigger is held, the shock can last as long as the trigger is held, for as long as the battery lasts. Also, if used in touch mode, or if the probes remain in the subject (or in their clothing) after a first firing, the subject can be shocked as many times as the officer pulls the trigger, reportedly for as long as the battery lasts.

There are some built-in safety measures “intended to guard against abuse and provide an audit trail to monitor each Taser deployment. When darts are fired, confetti-like identification tabs are ejected which are printed with the cartridge’s serial number, allowing departments to determine which officer fired the cartridge. [They] also have an on-board microchip memory function, which records the date and time of each firing (trigger pull); this applies whether the Taser is used in dart or touch stun mode (although the microchip cannot distinguish which mode the weapon is in). The data can be downloaded onto a computer which, according to the company, downloads to text in the case of the M26 but is encrypted in the case of the X26 to protect the integrity of the data. The X26 Taser also records the duration and battery strength of each firing... Officers may also cut off the flow of electricity before the standard five-second burst by switching the safety switch. However, the ability to record the duration of each firing is not contained in the M26 Taser, which remains widely used (possibly by a majority of US police agencies).”

Questioning Tasers’ Justifications
There are claims that police departments that use tasers tend to have lower incidents of police shootings and therefore fewer deaths by police. Tasers can be used to subdue a suspect in a threatening or dangerous situation without great injury to anyone. We know, however, that the police will shoot suspects, usually people of color, whether or not the suspects are actively resisting or combative, whether they’re armed or unarmed. We would prefer that if a police officer thinks a person is pulling out a gun when he/she may actually be pulling out a wallet or cell phone, that a police officer uses a Taser rather than a firearm. We would hope that if a disturbed or mentally ill individual is acting in a way that an officer finds threatening, that the officer would use a taser instead of a gun. This is not to imply that the police are justified in shooting armed suspects, nor to imply that an officer has only the choice of a gun or a taser.

In fact, Amnesty International reports that in some cases, a combination of better training on the use-of-force, crisis intervention, and/or independent auditing of police activity within some departments has led to a decrease in police shootings in departments such as San Jose, Washington D.C., and Los Angeles. In addition, Amnesty International noted that although police shootings fell to zero in San Jose in 2002 when they obtained their first sizable amount of Tasers, the numbers had started decreasing since ’99 due to the above factors (training, auditing, etc), but rose again after all patrol officers were issued tasers in 2004.
In some cases across the country where a suspect was shot by an officer, it was after a taser failed to subdue the suspect. It is worth questioning whether the failure of a taser when used, increases the likelihood that an officer will shoot a suspect.

The most disturbing aspect of the prevalence of tasers due to the justification that it “saves lives” is that while in some cases police shootings decrease, use-of-force incidents have greatly risen. A statistic used by Amnesty International was that “while police shootings in Phoenix fell from 28 to 13 in 2004, tasers were used that year in 354 use-of-force incidents, far more than would be needed to avoid a resort to lethal force.” In a local Phoenix newspaper, the Arizona Republic article, it was reported that “Officers used stun guns last year (2003) more than they used batons, chemical spray, physical force and firearms combined. Records show that the number of incidents in which police used some type of force went up 22 percent after tasers were issued to all patrol officers.”

Amnesty International cites other statistics that show that it may be the case that tasers are being used in situations where there otherwise would have been no use of force. In addition, Amnesty International’s report, news articles, and personal accounts verify that tasers are being used in many more cases than those in which an officer is “justified” in using a firearm or even a billy club.

Tasers and Police Brutality“Portable and easy to use, with the capacity to inflict severe pain at the push of a button without leaving substantial marks, electro-shock weapons are particularly open to abuse by unscrupulous officials… Amnesty International is concerned that deployment of Tasers, rather than minimizing the use of force, may dangerously extend the boundaries of what are considered ‘acceptable’ levels of force.”

Deaths: Taser deaths seem to be in the news every few weeks these days. Amnesty International reports that over 70 people have died in the USA and Canada after being struck by tasers by police since 2001, with the numbers increasing every year since. Most of the death incidents involving the Taser also involve heart problems, other health conditions, drug abuse, physical resistance, and/or being restrained. Amnesty International’s report contains many details on the complicated and controversial cases of these deaths. For more information on how likely that these deaths were directly tied to the use of the Taser, see Amnesty International’s report. Though details of the deaths will not be covered here, it is important to mention that Amnesty International reported that “Most of those who died were unarmed men who, while displaying disturbed or combative behaviour, did not appear to present a serious threat to the lives or safety of others. Yet many were subjected to extreme levels of force, including repeated taser discharges and in some cases dangerous restraint techniques such as ‘hogtying’.” The question about whether tasers can cause death is a very important question, which should be looked at from an anti-police brutality perspective.

Pain and Injury: Taser International downplays the pain involved with tasers, but those who have experienced it, including police officers, have said such things as, “They call it the longest five seconds of their life … it’s extreme pain, there’s no question about it." And a firearms consultant said “It is the most profound pain I have ever felt." The pain is said to be temporary, but not necessarily if the Taser is being used longer than the 5 seconds, or if it is used several times on one subject.

While the darts can shock a person if only attached to their clothing, the darts can also penetrate up to 2 inches of skin, and the Taser can also leave burn marks that have been said to leave scars. Some police departments require that officers take the subject to receive medical care after being tased.

Due to the incapacitation involved with being tased, a standing or elevated person cannot take measures to ensure their fall will involve minimum injury (i.e. bracing for a fall). People have been known to be injured from falls due to being tased, some falling flat on their face. In one incident in Chandler, Arizona, a man who was in a tree was tased and is reported to now be physically disabled due to the fall. These secondary injuries seem common, but rarely mentioned in news reports.

Excessive Use of Force: It is important to note that certain use of Tasers can be possibly considered torture. Amnesty International says, “Given the pain and the psychological impact or fear caused by being stunned or threatened with an electro-shock weapon, the use or threat of Tasers in these and other cases, even without physical injury, may constitute torture or other cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment.” “Amnesty International considers that using powerful electro-shock technology against unruly children; disturbed, intoxicated but non-dangerous individuals; and people who are non-compliant but who do not pose a probable threat of serious injury to themselves or others, is an excessive use of force which may also constitute torture or other cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment.” There is a history of torture by police, some involving electric devices. For instance, a Chicago police officer, Jon Burge was accused in the early 1980’s of administering electric shocks to a victim’s head and genitals. More info: http://www.hrw.org/reports98/police/uspo53.htm

The use of a Taser can be considered excessive use of force when the method is not appropriate to the incident (i.e. the subject’s action or inaction does not warrant being shocked), or when the Taser is used more than once or for longer than five seconds (though the one 5-second shock as not excessive force is a standard put forth by Taser International and police departments). Some may view any use of the Taser “excessive” while others may see it as appropriate in certain situations. People have been tased for walking away from an officer, for “mouthing off”, for not answering specific questions, for not obeying a command quickly enough, while on the ground, while hand-cuffed or otherwise restrained.

Tasers in combination with other brutality, forceful restraint, or chemical weapons is common. Alcohol-based pepper spray can possibly ignite by the spark caused by the taser. Fortunately a lot of police departments are now using water-based pepper sprays, but there was one incident where a man’s hair caught on fire after having been pepper-sprayed and tased.
Officers seem quick to grab the taser to solve problems with people who are mentally ill, or disturbed. Advocacy for mentally ill and disturbed people who have been tased or otherwise brutalized is especially important.

Compliance: “A Taser International training manual states that the M26 can function in stun mode after the probes have been fired, as a back-up weapon. The training manual also states that, if used only in touch stun mode, the Taser becomes a "pain compliance" tool and officers are instructed to apply it "aggressively" to sensitive areas, including the neck and groin.”

When the police taser an individual in order to gain compliance, and not in a dangerous situation, this is not only excessive force, but could be seen as a violation of our rights. This could also be the case when only the threat of the Taser is used. A man in Florida was tased for not supplying his birth date to an officer. In Oregon, a young man was tased after saying “get the f… out of my house” and was tased again when, “after complying with an order to put his hands up, his hands started to drop”. Tasers have also been used to urge a suspect into a patrol car, as well. Certainly, the government, specifically through the courts, is empowered to punish those who commit crimes, but this technology is empowering police to threaten or carry out punishment against a person for action or inaction of the officers’ dislike (legal or not). It is disconcerting that tasers could be used to force a person to do something against their will, but this will inevitably increase as taser use increases.

Standards for Force: As previously mentioned, tasers are justified because of their role in decreasing police shootings, yet use-of-force incidents have increased significantly and those involving tasers far outnumber incidents that could end up with a police shooting. This is because tasers are acceptable for incidents requiring less than lethal force, at various levels depending on the police department. “Although described by the manufacturer as a suitable tool for ‘aggressive, focused combatants’, the taser appears to be a relatively low level force option in many US police departments. A survey by Amnesty International of more than 30 US police departments (including 20 of the largest city or county agencies) indicates that tasers are typically placed in the mid-range of the force scale, below batons or impact weapons rather than at, or just below, lethal force. Some departments place the entry level for tasers at an even lower level, after verbal commands and light hands-on force.” Depending on the police department, Tasers may be acceptable to use in the case of passive resistance (refusal to comply with police commands but no interference with an officer and no physical threat posed), defensive resistance (physical actions which attempt to prevent officer’s control but do not attempt to harm the officer), active physical resistance (bracing or tensing, or attempts to push or pull away) active aggression (an assault or imminent assault). Even if it is not the policy of a police department to consider the use of a taser a low-level use-of-force, appropriate for a passive resister, officers still get away with it, as we know police are rarely punished. There seem to be no consistent policies on the appropriate use of tasers in the cases of minor violations and crimes, or when a subject is already adequately restrained. “A statistical analysis of 2,050 Taser field applications across the USA, produced for Taser International in November 2002 showed that in 79.6% of cases the suspects were unarmed; of the other cases, 15.6% had an ‘edged weapon’ and 4.8% a firearm; in 4.9% of cases the ‘suspect weapon’ category was ‘blunt force’. An analysis of the ‘suspect force level’ in which a Taser was deployed gave the most common category (37% of cases) as ‘verbal non-compliance’. This was followed by "active aggression" in 32.6% of cases; ‘defensive resistance’ in 27.7% of cases and ‘deadly assault’ in only 2.7% of cases.”
Standards vary between police taser usage, and Taser International training manuals and policies as well. Reevaluation of Taser policy by police departments has been a news topic here and there, but there continues to be a lack of across the board policy on Taser usage.

The Fight for Justice: Each individual or group can use the information about tasers to move along with a strategy of fighting police brutality and excessive force involving tasers. Whether you want to call for police accountability, or want to abolish the police force, some questions to ask when strategizing include:
Do we want to call for a moratorium, ban, restrictions on tasers?
Is it more important to focus on tasers/Taser International or on police brutality in general?
How can people who have had different (positive or negative) experience with tasers come together on the issue?
How can victims of excessive force involving tasers get justice?
How can we get unbiased information about tasers out to the general public?
There have been and continue to be many lawsuits against police departments for the various abuses related to tasers. For example, a woman who was pregnant but had a miscarriage shortly after being tased and falling on her stomach won $675,000 from the City of Chula Vista, California. There are many lawsuits and news stories surrounding deaths related to tasers. There have also been news reports of studies that show tasers to be unsafe. These incidents cause police to be on guard if not change their ways, and cause Taser International some problems including drops in stocks. Protests at times when police departments are obtaining tasers, or when an incident of abuse or death occurs may or may not be fruitful.

see appendix: http://www.phoenixanarchist.org/modules.php?op=modload&name=News&file=article&sid=396&mode=thread&order=0&thold=0.


Inmate Dies in Carter County Jail after TASERing

KTEN Online - ArticleLast night Carter County deputies found an inmate dead inside a jail cell. He was arrested earlier this week after he was subdued with a taser gun. KTEN’s Chelsea Hover has the story.

The Carter County Sheriff’s Department is staying relatively tight-lipped on the death, which is now in the hands of the Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigations.

Ricky Barber was found around ten-thirty Friday night, lying dead in his jail cell. Sheriff Harvey Burkhart says deputies at first thought he was asleep.

Barber’s name may sound familiar. He's had a few run-ins with the law in the past.

In late October his house burned to the ground. Investigators later claimed it was Barber who torched his own place.

As a free man, after being charged with starting the fire that burned down his own home, Ricky Barber once again found himself at the Carter County Jail Tuesday night after assaulting a fellow camper at Ardmore’s Lake Murray State Park.

“He hit me a bunch of times and I hit him a few times and he run off,” said Ron eaves, a retired Carter County deputy who was at the campsite when it happened.

“They said that he had been wandering around the area hugging trees, talking to himself,” said Oklahoma Park Ranger Jon Nelson, “just acting kind of bizarre prior to walking into their campsite and punching them in the face.”

Carter County deputies arrived to subdue Barber, who was violently resisting arrest.

“He apparently assaulted a deputy and one of our rangers when they approached him,” said Nelson. “He assaulted the deputy and the deputy deployed the taser on him.”

”Even with the taser we still had to fight him to place him into custody,” said Justin Paul, the Park ranger who was involved with Barber’s arrest.

The Sheriff’s Department says Barber was acting peculiar Friday night.

His cause of death is still under investigation.

Barber is the second inmate to die in the Carter County jail in the past month.


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