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CodeWarriorz Thoughts: Microsoft, WGA, and this "anti-piracy" bullshit CodeWarriorZ BlueZ

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Sunday, June 11, 2006


Microsoft, WGA, and this "anti-piracy" bullshit

"Does Microsoft's new WGA disclosure fall short? Posted by David Berlind @ 7:44 am

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After its Windows Genuine Advantage (WGA) anti-piracy software (pushed to end users via Windows Update) starting phoning home to Microsoft's servers on a daily basis thus earning Microsoft a place in the public spotlight in recent days, the software giant's public relations engine was apparently very busy yesterday figuring out what to do about users' concerns and then getting the word out. The result? A statement combined with a FAQ that may assuage some concerns but that, based on my experience with the way WGA works, innaccurately describes the installation process as one that asks the user for consent.

Here are some of the major points made by the statement (headlined: Microsoft Provides Additional Clarity About Windows Genuine Advantage Notifications) and my thoughts on them (in italics):

The WGA program was launched July 2005 to provide an improved experience for consumers using genuine Windows XP and to help Microsoft address software piracy. It's quite clear that, based on the way un-WGA-validated copies of Windows will only get access certain updates (most likely critical security ones that pose a threat to other Windows users and the Internet) that this is an anti-piracy program. The basic message is that if you don't have a valid copy of Windows, you won't get the updates you need. Therefore, you (and your customers if you're distributing invalid copies of Windows) are better off with legitimate installations. What's not clear to me is how users of "genuine Windows XP" will end up with an "improved experience." Prior to WGA coming out, users of genuine and non-genuine Windows were having pretty much the same experience and receiving the same improvements via patches and updates. This statement seems to imply that that the denial of certain updates to non-genuine copies of Windows XP adds up to an improved experience for genuine Windows XP.
The WGA program consists of two major components, WGA Validation and WGA Notifications. Based on my tests of how WGA installs, this is true. The first update my machine received was the Validation component. Then, after the validation component installed in one batch of updates, the notification component showed up in the next batch.

Validation determines whether the copy of Windows XP installed on a PC is genuine and licensed. WGA Notifications reminds users who fail validation that they are not running genuine Windows and directs them to resources to learn more about the benefits of using genuine Windows software. This is an incredibly important distinction between the two components because of what landed Microsoft in the spotlight in the first place — the act of "phoning home" (to Microsoft's servers in this case) on a daily basis (a behavior that's often associated with spyware). That act raised questions about why such contact had to be made so frequently and exactly what information was being passed back to Microsoft.
Shortly after logon, WGA Notifications checks whether a newer settings file is available and downloads the file if one is found. The settings file provides Microsoft with the ability to update how often reminders are displayed and to disable the program if necessary during the test period. This functionality enables Microsoft to respond quickly to feedback to improve the customer's experience. So, this is a description of what the Notifications component does. Although there will probably be other reminders that bubble up through WGA Notifications, the one that's getting all the attention right now is the one that reminds users of unvalidated copies of Windows that they need to get a valid licensed copy. Microsoft's ability to reach out and disable software as a result of installing WGA raises more questions about what else Microsoft can disable, if it decides it wants to. But for now, what's important is the distinction between Validation and Notification and which of the two is the one that phone's home. So far, it appears as though WGA Notifications downloads files from Microsoft's servers (as opposed to uploading information, aka, "phoning home"). More…..
Unlike validation, which sends system information to Microsoft, this operation is limited to the download of the new settings file. No additional information is sent to Microsoft. So, here, I'm going to be the editor talking for a second. Use of the lower-case "validation" is confusing. If Microsoft meant WGA's validation component, which I think it did, then it should give it the same upper-case treatment that it gave to the notification component by phrasing it as "WGA Validation." When WGA installs itself, there are clearly two components that install. During the installation, the name "Windows Genuine Advantage Validation Tool" appears when the first component is installed. Then, when the subsequent component is installed, the name "Windows Genuine Advantage Notification (KB905474)" is displayed. I could be mistaken (the West Coast was still sleeping as I wrote this), but I think it's safe to assume that when Microsoft refers to "validation," it's referring to the "WGA Validation Tool" that installs first, and when it's referrring to "WGA Notification" that it's referring to the "WGA Notification" that installed second. To minimize the chances of confusion, Microsoft should be consistent with its nomenclature between the actual user experience and it's communications with the public. Now,… if the assumption is correct that Microsoft's reference to "validation" is a reference to the WGA Validation Tool, then this last part of the statement makes it clear that the WGA Validation Tool is the component that phones home while WGA Notification is the component that checks for and downloads new files if their available. This is very relevant to Microsoft's communications regarding the issue of consent.

Yesterday, CNET News.com ran a story that said "Microsoft acknowledged that it has not been forthcoming enough about the antipiracy tool's behavior, but countered that its tool is not spyware, since it is not installed without a user's consent and has no malicious purpose." In the statement released last night that further addressed allegations that WGA is spyware (the chief defining characteristic of spyware being that it phones home to its developers with sensitive information), Microsoft reiterated that "Broadly speaking, spyware is deceptive software that is installed on a user’s computer without the user’s consent and has some malicious purpose. WGA is installed with the consent of the user and seeks only to notify the user if a proper license is not in place. WGA is not spyware." "
I agree with the concerns raised in this post from the blog at CNET...but, beyond this foisting of the WGA / validation crap..which is a fowl piece of dung that came from the same toilet from which we were given the "activation" crap from Micro$oft...
this use of the term "piracy".

I am F'ing sick and tired of the misuse of the word "piracy". Just google "piracy,codewarriorz" and you will note that I am not just starting about the piracy thing, but have written at length for some time about it.

Read the US Law on "piracy":
Sec. 1652. Citizens as pirates
Whoever, being a citizen of the United States, commits any murder or robbery, or any act of hostility against the United States, or against any citizen thereof, on the high seas, under color of any commission from any foreign prince, or state, or on pretense of authority from any person, is a pirate, and shall be imprisoned for life."

Note my response to Marci Hamilton's letter a while ago...
"The CodeWarriorz Thoughts response to Marci Hamilton on Why Hunting Students is Right
Tags: None

Hamilton on Why Hunting Students is Right
I thought the original answer to her was great !
Here is an actual letter I wrote to her at her
e-mail after I read her original article. ~CodeWarrior

Dear Ms. Hamilton:

I happened to read your article on why suing college students, is something you
consider, is the right thing to do. I have also become aware that you told
someone that all you received were complaining letters, and thus, I felt
compelled to send you a missive that contains more than just complaints.

During this letter, I shall quote, with your permission and pursuant to the Fair
Use doctrine and provisions, limited portions of your article to make
illustrations of a critical nature.

Firstly, since you are an attorney, I believe you probably subscribe to the
general principle known as "equal protection under the law", and in general
theory, although it is meant to apply to federal law enforcement matters, I
believe that it also means that there should not be selective suits against
certain persons of a certain demographic (i.e. age, geographic region, etc.),
when there are other persons equally at fault in a different class of persons
(age, sex, etc.) against whom no action is brought.

Sp when you say in the title that you think it is right to sue college students,
are you also saying it would be correct to sue minors who download, people who
are not students who download, and every other similarly situated person who
downloads copyrighted materials? I hope so, but from the title, it would seem you
are unfairly targeting young adults engaged in higher education.

Now, you say the following :
"First, however, it must identify them, and gather evidence of their illegal
activity. Toward this end, subpoenas have already been sent to a number of
universities and Internet Service Providers. Hundreds more are expected in
September, after school starts."

I believe you should also be aware of the theory of "clean hands", and know how
the absence of clean hands affects plaintiffs in court actions. Are you aware
that in the act of gathering "evidence", that around half of the end user
agreement of Kazaa was violated by the actions executed during this gathering of
evidence. Robot programs, masquerading as human users, entered the system with
the intent of violating at least half of the end user agreement provisions. They
were there to collect information about users, with the end result being to
institute litigation against other users. This is a direct violation, and was
done in an intentional manner by those programming the bot programs which were
under the direction of the RIAA, and thus, we could build a case of respondeat
superior against those persons who intentionally violated the user agreement.
Also, any user entering this network, that agrees to the user agreement , with
the intent of violating said agreement, loses proper authorization to use/enter
the network. This network has communications stored electronically, and thus,
entering and accessing such a network without proper authorization, may be seen
as an intentional and direct violation of USC TITLE 18,Part 1, Chapter 121, Sec.
2701, the criminal code of the US, which prohibits such unauthorized access.

You said :
"Were it not for copyright's ability to build fences around intangible goods like
lyrics and melodies, a performer like Loretta Lynn would not have been able to
leave Butcher Holler, Kentucky, and share her gifts with the world.". I beg to
differ. They had trains back then that did not demand a copyright registration to
get a boarding pass, so yes, she could have left her home town without copyright
So that was a silly and false comment. Number two, a gentleman like William
Shakespeare, joined luminaries in history like Aristotle, Plato, Luke the
Physician, and others to be able to share their talents and ideas wiht the world
sans copyright protections.

I don't know if you are a student of copyright law, but US copyright law (not
that WIPO copyright clone, the DMCA) arose from the English copyright law.
English copyright law arose from printers who wanted to control who printed what,
and thus who benefitted from the printing. The King of England got involved,
because he wanted to control the ideas that were coming out, and to control the
press, was to control the availability of speech and ideas. Most historians do in
fact agree that English copyright law was invented out of the dual purposes/
drives, of greed, and the desire to control free speech.
Thus, even our own Copyright Laws, had a less than stellar beginning, and the
stated missions of protecting and promoting art and industry, are so much
puffery, aligning what were less than admirable goals, with noble sounding ones
to increase acceptance .

You said "In a culture without copyright, only the rich, or the
government-sponsored, could be this culture's full-time creators. Poor artists
like Loretta Lynn would have to flip burgers long into their music careers - and
might even give up on music entirely.".

Ms. Hamilton, for an attorney, you certainly are prone to speculation for which
you have no evidence.
In the past, there were many, well known artists who did NOT have copyright
protection, but they are people whose name is immediately known, centuries after
their passing. Leonardo Da Vinci was poor, and had to get patrons to survive. In
point of fact, most great artists such as Van Gogh were poor, but they didn't run
around like the RIAA trying to sue everyone into bankruptcy. Certainly, when I
was young, I heard the first time the Beatles song "I want to hold your hand" was
played. I heard it on a brand new transistor radio I got for my birthday and
recorded the song on a Hitachi tape recorder my parents bought me for Christmas.
George , Paul, John, and Ringo did quite well without suing me.
And, over the years, I went on to buy many vinyl 45s, albums, 8 track tapes, and
CDs. If the Beatles had George Martin had announced that anyone recording Beatles
songs off the radio would be sued (of course, this was in the good old days
before the Euro WIPO bastard child of the DMCA), I would probably have never
bought any Beatle albums, and would have hated them instead of cultivating such a
lifelong fondness for their music and contributions. So, in these terms, lawsuits
, especially for the Beatles at that time, would have NOT been the right thing.
Heck, they got enough flak for John saying they were more popular than Jesus (or
was it God...triune spirit maybe).
And, there were copyright laws in the UK and the USA, and I am sure there were
bootleged Beatles records back then, but, no mass lawsuits, and guess what Ms.
Hamilton, they did just fine financially! And, except for sound alike bands like
Badfinger, you didn't have a lot of copyright infringement going on around the
Beatles, or the Stones, or Golden Earring (they've been together since 1961).

As we proceed down in your article, you try to put forward the notion that only
the government sponsored artists and independently rich ones would survive,
especially in country western music and rock. With all due respect, you are
fabricating a speculative world from whole cloth that never has existed and
probably will not. You are just making statements without facts to back these
statements up. Reading what you said makes me wonder how many musicians you know
personally. For example, do you know Hank Williams III? He does country, ala his
grandfather for folks who like that, but at some point in his performance, tells
the country fans that he is now going to do the music he likes (heavy metal /
rock) and if they don't like it, they should leave. He is NOT a big fan of the
DMCA, copyright laws , nor of the RIAA. And, if you ever took the time to watch
some of the documentaries that aired on television, you would have seen that the
Nashville abandoned the "honky tonk" sound of Hank W. for the Eddy Arnold sound
at one point, almost ashamed of the honky tonk sound, and only later came back to
it. Did Hank the original go around suing people for copyright infringement? Heck
NO. He stayed drunk a lot of the time, he wasn't about to waste his time in
court, but then again, who was infringing back then? And rock, do you KNOW a lot
of rock musicians, and have you personally rapped with them about their opinions?
And I am not talking about the Metallicas of the world, or the Madonnas, I'm
talking about the independent folks. I doubt you have. Point is, you are making
wild, unsubstantiated speculations about something I believe you have little
actual, firsthand knowledge about, and as such, you wouldn't even qualify as an
expert witness in this.

Then you say : "In the end, then, there is no such thing as cost-free
downloading. It may be fiscally free today, but it will cost society dearly in
the future." I'm sorry ma'am, but again, groundless speculation. You cannot make
a thing so just by saying it.

You also say this :"The simple, yet crucial reasons why we have copyright in the
first place are easy to forget in the new Information Era. Its utopian early
years led adults and students alike to believe that whatever came across their
computer screen could be - and ought to be - downloaded cost-free. There was a
moment of stunned disbelief: copyright seemed obsolete. "
Please reference the REAL origins of copyright law based in English copyright
law, not some utopian history for copyright law that you want to invent out of
fairy dust.

Going forward, your argument becomes even weaker and weaker. You say :
"Nevertheless, the industry continued to hemorrhage, dropping approximately 8% in
sales last year. The culprits may well be the new websites, such as KaZaa, which,
unlike Napster, do not depend on centralized servers. These sites accordingly
make it nearly impossible to identify the webhost or master."

"KaZaa" is NOT a website. There is a website ABOUT KaZaA, a domain name
kazaa.com, and the KaZaa program is controlled by Sharman Networks, and based on
the FastTrack sharing protocol. To attempt to attribute the drop in sales to the
KaZaa program, Sharman, FastTrack, or downloading activities, is to lack any real
scientific rigor. There is NO proven causal relationship, nor even a good one to
one correlation between downloading and loss of sales. Perhaps the drop in sales
is due to an economy in which most industries have seen their income drop
seriously, or perhaps the music is crapping, or perhaps a thousand other things
such as a decrease in promotion of albums by labels, or perhaps the cost of
albums is so much people are listening to radio more. We could play this perhaps
game ad infinitum, ad nauseum, but it will not allow us to deduce any honestly
derived conclusions about what generated the drop, something which my belief is
multifactorial in etiology anyway.

And, moving forward with quotes under Fair Use to prove my point, you said :
"The industry then had no choice but to go after users - which meant going after
students - and it did. As soon as it made the decision, copyright didn't seem so
obsolete, after all."

Sorry Ms. Hamilton, but that is just not true. You obviously do not understand
that they had other options. They could just ignore the trading of files.
Actually, at the time they were allegedly suffering an 8 % drop, compared to
other industries, they were doing fairly well.

You say "While technology did tend to facilitate illegal downloading,".
Do you mean in the way that copy machines facilitate illegal , unauthorized
reproduction of copyrighted materials like newspaper articles, magazine articles,
chapters from books, etc.?

OK, I don't believe I am just complaining, but doing a constructive critique of
what you are making representions about. So, let's go forward. You said :
"it did not pose infinite obstacles to figuring out who was committing these
copyright crimes."
Now, Ms. Hamilton, you are getting lost now. The crime of copyright comes under
or No Electronic Theft Act, and the RIAA has been using the DMCA, for the
contemplation of filing CIVIL acts under federal DMCA provisions, not the NET
Act, since this would imply federal prosecution by the DOJ. And, while we are
talking about criminal copyright violations, have you read the part of the Net
Act that states :
"17 U.S.C. §§ 506 & 507,§ 506. Criminal offenses, 2.)...For purposes of this
subsection, evidence of reproduction or distribution of a copyrighted work, by
itself, shall not be sufficient to establish willful infringement." Hmm...that's
an interesting part of that act, n'est pas?

Further down, you say this "...new rules are not needed; just enforcement of the
old." So, are you saying the DMCA is not needed? If you are saying this, I agree
on this one point.

Further down, you show a lack of believing in the innocent til proven guilty
maxim of law in the US when you say this : "that is now changing, as violators
are being hunted down. " Shouldn't you say "alleged violators" unless you have
proof that certain persons have been proven to be violating instead of second
hand , hearsay ?

But then, you appear to get lost again . Instead of dealing with the tort of
copyright infringement, you start talking about criminal copyright issues again,
and I believe you kind of mix and mash these together like mixing gravy with
mashed 'taters, til you get a homogenous admixure that is neither fish nor fowl.
There are different standards with criminal and civil copyright, and different
laws and penalties apply and you really need to get these straight if you
continue acting as if you are some sort of authority in this area. You said
this:"Even the hunt itself has had a chilling effect. Knowing that one is
committing a crime, and may be caught, is scary indeed." How would you know this
Ms. Hamilton? Are you just speculating about this feeling of fright, or is this
the result of hearsay from others? Again, you just spout things without an offer
of proof.

Then, you get more and more confused. You said this :
"In a lot of ways, downloading is more like shoplifting than it is like "piracy,"
the term often used for it. Pirates embrace a life of crime; shoplifters often
see their activity (wrongly) as an exciting and slightly risky diversion - a
relatively petty vice in an otherwise law-abiding life."

If you were a layperson, I would let this pass. However; if you have your JD, you
should know better than to say things like you did. First off, as a lawyer, do
you know they criminal code definition of citizens as pirates? Do you know the
definition under Federal USC of "pirates"? I'll help you with that.

Please feel free to look this up, as I am providing the code section.
"TITLE 18 > PART I > CHAPTER 81 > Sec. 1652.
Sec. 1652. - Citizens as pirates
Whoever, being a citizen of the United States, commits any murder or robbery, or
any act of hostility against the United States, or against any citizen thereof,
on the high seas, under color of any commission from any foreign prince, or
state, or on pretense of authority from any person, is a pirate, and shall be
imprisoned for life."
That's the definition of a US citizen as a pirate, and the punishment.

Your analogy of shoplifting is just silly Ms. Hamilton. Shoplifting is most often
performed by those working at the stores, employee theft is by far, the largest
inventory loss from "shoplifting". When one shoplifts, that is a crime (depending
on the value of items stolen, it can range, but usually is a misdemeanor in most
jurisdictions). Actions complained of under the DMCA by the RIAA are copyright
infringement violations, not theft. Shoplifting deprives the shop owner of the
value of those items taken. You would have made a better analogy, if you had
compared filesharing to the act of conversion.
Shoplifting involves taking a physical piece of merchandise. When it is taken, it
is no longer there to sell.
When someone downloads a song, the song which was copied, is still there, it was
not stolen from the person it was copied from, especially on filesharing
networks, where you allow someone to download from you, and you can stop them in
the middle of the download if you want to.

You seem to lack any perspective from history Ms. Hamilton. You say this :

"The more seriously society takes shoplifting, the more shoplifters will be

Have you ever studied anything about the crime of pickpocketing in England? Well,
the pickpocket was seen as a real problem, and they started killing these people
by hanging them in the public square. These hangings drew large crowds who were
less attentive to their persons while this was going on.
Other pickpockets would turn out in droves to pick the pockets of those watching
the execution of the unlucky pickpocket whose neck was noose adorned. So, think
the deterrence worked on anyone by the poor soul who was the guest of honor (or
dishonor) at the cervical elongation party? I don't!

Has use of execution stopped murders? Nope. Has the murder rate in Texas just
plummetted because of serial and continuing state mandated executions? Nope.
There are more folks in jail in Texas than many countries, yet, crimes continue,
and the recidivism rate is high as well.

To point out another instance of your silliness, you say :
"Every law-breaking student has a diploma at stake, and only a scintilla of
students are hardened criminals". Hmm..hardened criminals? What's your definition
of a hardened criminal? Would that be someone who has been convicted of a crime
and suffers from Xeroderma Pigmentosum ?
What exactly ARE your statistics on the number of "students" (you don't specify
here if you are talking about people in kindergarten, elementary school, college,
or what) who happen to be "hardened criminals". And, are hardened criminals more
recalcitrant than softened ones?

Most of the rest of your article just recapitulates the same, lost and silly
theme with improper analogies.

You say in the title that it is the RIGHT thing to do, and yet, although I think
I read it reasonably well, I didn't really see where you substantiated the thesis
by showing any real ethical argument about the "rightness" of litigation in this
instance. Again, you got the civil litigation which the RIAA has threatened mixed
up with the "crime" of copyright infringement over and over. You really need to
read Black's legal dictionary about the difference between a tort and a violation
of criminal law. Perhaps a continuing education seminar on tort law, or
re-reading the Second Restatement of Torts is in order.

You don't quote any great thinkers such as Plato, Aristotle, Jesus, Buddha, Lao
Tse, or even philosophers such as Kant and his notion of "the good will" , or
Nietzsche's Superman concept. You could have talked about John Stuart Mil's
notion of what is good. Indeed, it is possible that Mill (who by the way wrote
Principles of Political Economy 184 would agree that downloading is a good thing,
and in the Mill analysis, he asked, basically, you look at whether a thing is
good or not by applying the principle of utilitarianism, simply stated, what
would be the effect if everyone did a thing. Well, from the stats, 60 million are
doing filesharing, so perhaps, Mill would say it is not bad.

Thus, it seems you just started with an a priori that filesharing should be
litigated, and proceeded to do circular reasoning, by assuming your conclusion.
That is not a rigorous argument for someone featured on a law site.

So, we can only conclude, without limitation, from the foregoing that you did NOT
prove your thesis. You are confused, are not an expert in those matters which you
decided to talk about, and rather than doing a serious discussion, just kind of
rambled on in a manner to please those who share your opinion, but do so without
critical re-examination of your beliefs.

Now, so that you cannot say that I just "complained", I offer some sort of
solution to the problem(s).
The RIAA in its own, questionable data, has said that 48 % of the "heaviest
downloaders" do not buy CDs any more. The converse of that is that they are
admitting that the majority (52% of the "heaviest downloaders") are still buying
RIAA affiliated CDs ! So, in fact, the RIAA is targetting its own paying
customers. Is it right to sue your customers? Hmm..not a smart move, as to the
"rightness" of it, I would say, in my opinion, I say NO, it is not "right". It is
also not very smart, as the CD sales continue to plummet despite the "Sue the
World" approach of Mr. Sherman and his cronies.

Thus, downloaders are still buying CDs. It is generally accepted in the music
buying community, that there is problem with "buying a pig in a poke", that you
might have heard one cut from a CD and buy the CD at 15 or 20 dollars, and find
the rest of the CD is horrible filler, digitial offal (not awful, "offal").

Do you buy a car without a test drive? Do you buy a suit without trying it on? Do
you buy a stereo without listening to it? NOPE, NOPE,NOPE,NOPE. So, shouldn't
people be able to "sample" songs from a CD they are thinking of buying? Yes.
There are independent, and even established musicians (e.g. Danny O'Keefe, as an
established singer/songwriter) who offer samples of all songs on a CD on their
websites. This would give people some idea of what the songs on a CD sound like
without giving up 15 to 20 dollars and then feeling ripped off. They don't have
to be CD quality either, they could just be mediocre quality MP3s, and not even
the whole song, but enough where potential purchasers could get the feel of the

That's just one suggestion, but it's enough so that my letter cannot just be
dismissed as "complaints".

Unfortunately, if I were to grade your article as a paper, I would have to give
you a "62". You didn't prove your thesis at all.

And, if you are an attorney, who should arguably be skilled in the art of
argument, that's just sad
Ms. Hamilton.

Have a nice day.
~CodeWarrior "


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