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CodeWarriorz Thoughts: Wednesday, May 30, 2007 CodeWarriorZ BlueZ

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Wednesday, May 30, 2007


Blonde Haired , Blue Eyed Goddesses and Blond Haired Blue Eyed Viking Warriors

In humans, sometimes as individuals, we find we are fascinated by, or even obsessed with something, and we think, well, maybe I'm odd, and shouldn't talk about it. But then, we find out that we're not weird, and LOTS of people are "into" or are fascinated by this thing.

For me, it's blonde hair. I was a blond (blonde?) haired , blue eyed kid. Well, the blue eyes are still there, but over the years, the light blond turned to light to medium brown with reddish highlights. My heritage is native American, Jewish , and German. I can recall that as early as my first memories, as a very young boy, I was totally fascinated by blond haired individuals, especially, in light of me being a young boy, blond haired girls my age (I will use blond and blonde interchangeably, because I don't give a sh*t if I am being technically correct or not).

In fact, I can recall being totally enamored of a young, bluish green eyed, blond girl in grade school, who, to me, except for her not having wings, was the closest thing to an angel I had ever seen. My fascination with blond hair continued, and my first wife was blond, and we had a boy child born to us, who had the brightest and lightest beautiful blond hair possible. He is grown now, married a blond himself, and they have a beautiful baby, with blond hair.

I've always been fascinated with the Nordic, tall blond blue or greenish eyed look, and , until recently, thought that was just me. I found a website that I found extremely interesting at :
Now, I do admit that some of the comments seemed a bit racist to me, to the point of making me a bit uncomfortable, and even, had some perhaps nazi like Aryans only tinge of it to me, but I enjoyed the more "scientific aspects" to it.

But, it did serve as a jumping off point to me about thinking more closely on why there seems to be a fairly universal preoccupation of males of all races , with the fair haired, essentially blond / blonde (Naturally blonde) female.

One notion that arose was this notion that it is possible that in two hundred years, there will be no natural blondes left. Nowdays, especially if you live in coastal states like California, there seems to be a lot of blond or "blondish" females around. The question is, in a relatively unsophisticated way of speaking, in how many do the "carpet match the drapes", which is a crude way of asking, how many are biological blondes, and how many are chemical/bottle blondes, owing their fair hair to peroxide.

As far as the ability of blonde hair to attract a male, or to attract positive male attention, in unscientific study after unscientific study, it has been shown that if a women appears to have car trouble or other problems, all things being equal, males will stop much sooner to lend assistance to a blond than to a brunette.

Now, there are various ideas about why this is the case. Some have speculated that blond hair and light colored eyes, biologically, are more common as traits of the very young, and that this is somehow, at a very basic level, appealing to adult males. That may be, as young nubile females are often very attractive for various reasons to heterosexual males, but I think there are probably very many other, more interesting explanations.

The author Peter Frost, wrote a paper referenced in an article by J. Richards at the majorityrights.com website. As I understand, Mr. Frost's main speculation is that blond hair rose as a mutation , and surfaced perhaps around 30,000 years ago, at a time when food, and good hunters both became relatively sparce. The notion is that there was greater competition among females for males, and the fair haired, fair skinned females "stood out" among the darker haired, darker skinned females, and thus, were more highly sought out by the males.

In the discussion on the sight, J. Richards also seems to make a differentation among the white females as being, on the whole, more "feminine" than the non-Aryan females. He talked about wide hips and delicate facial features. I'm not quite sure that the delicateness of the facial features stands up, and certainly, there are women of African derivation with very wide hips. I have noticed one thing that seems more true of the Nordic/Scandinavian women that, in some respects makes them seem more "feminine" (though, I must admit we must first define what physical characteristics we are using to define "femininity"). To my memory, this particular aspect was not discussed by J. Richards or the other people who commented on his article and the assertions made within.

It has been my experience that non-white, i.e. non Aryan/non-Scandinavian females, tend to have more facial hair and darker facial hair, than the Scandinavian / Nordic women. Even if the amount of facial hair was the same, if you have a very fair haired Nordic female, with hair shafts that are thin or less hair shafts per square inch (true blondes tend to have less hair per square inch than brunettes, or the hair shafts tend to be finer)then the facial hair may appear not very obtrusive, or in some cases, like a very fine down, disappears altogether.

Now, there is no question that the true Scandinavian men and women, are very attractive and handsome people. They tend to be taller than other peoples (except for the Watusi) and certainly, the males are some of the strongest individuals on the planet. It is not unusual to see the so-called "Strongman" competitions, very well populated by men from Russia, Germany,Sweden, Poland, Czechoslovakia, Switzerland, Norway, and other countries in the area. Simiarly, in is not unusual to see blue eyed blonde men who LOOK Nordic, who are from Scotland.

I believe the large frame, and other factors that generate such strong and well built individuals, are probably greatly as a result of genetics, but also, other factors such as diet, and exercise. People in cold weather often engage in fairly vigorous exercise, and this certainly cannot be ruled out as a formative factor, but, if I had to put my bet on just one of these, I bet on the genetics.

Now, there is NO question that there are very strong and well built people who are black. I count many individuals so blessed as friends of mine, but, it is a fact that the strongmen competitions are certainly disproportionately populated by men of northern European extraction.

But, back to the hair color issue. Blond hair, i.e. naturally blond haired adults, is a very rare condition if we look at the population of the planet as a whole. Part of the reason is that the gene for blond hair is recessive.

From http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hair_color"Blond hair is a relatively rare human phenotype, occurring in approximately 2% of the world population with the majority of natural blondes being white.

Naturally blond hair.Blond hair ranges from nearly white (platinum blond, tow-haired) to a dark golden blonde. Strawberry blond is a rare type: a mixture of blond and red hair. Blondness is a recessive gene. Blond hair can have almost any proportions of phaeomelanin and eumelanin, but both only in small amounts. More phaeomelanin creates a more golden blonde color, and more eumelanin creates a "dishwater" or ash blonde. Natural blondes have the thinnest strand of hair."

Where did the word "blond" (or "blonde" for purists) come from ?
From http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Blond
"The word blond was first attested in English in 1481 and derives from Old French blont and meant "a colour midway between golden and light chestnut". It largely replaced the native term fair, from Old English faeger. The French (and thus also the English) word blond has two possible origins. Some linguists say it comes from Middle Latin Blundus, meaning yellow, others say it comes from Old Frankish *blund which would relate it to Old English blonden-feax meaning grey-haired, from blondan/blandan meaning to mix. Also, Old English beblonden meant dyed as ancient Germanic warriors were noted for dying their hair. The linguists who support the Latin origins however say that Middle Latin blundus was a vulgar pronunciation of Latin flavus, also meaning yellow. The word was reintroduced into English in the 17th century from French, and was until recently still felt as French, hence blonde for females and blond for males.[1] Writers of English will still distinguish between the masculine blond and the feminine blonde[2] and, as such, it is one of the few adjectives in English with separate masculine and feminine forms. However, many writers use only one of the spellings without regard to gender, and without a clear majority usage one way or another. The word is also often used as a noun to refer to a woman with blond hair, but some speakers see this usage as sexist[2] and reject it. (Another hair color word of French origin, brunet(te), also functions in the same way in orthodox English.)

The word is also occasionally used, with either spelling, to refer to objects that have a color reminiscent of fair hair. Examples include pale wood and lager beer.

Many sub-categories of blond hair have also been invented to describe someone with blond hair more accurately. Examples include the following:

Platinum blond and towhead - nearly white; found naturally almost exclusively in children, but occurring rarely among some adults
Sandy blond - similar to sand in color
Ash blond - usually quite fair, with some ashen (grey) tones
Dirty blond or dishwater blond - dark blond; note that the latter term may be considered offensive
Golden blond or honey blond - lighter, with a gold cast
Bottle blond - artificially dyed blond hair
Strawberry blond - reddish blond
Pool blond - with green undertones, from habitual use of a chlorinated pool
Hazy blond or zebra blond - streaked blond and brunette "

The same article quoted from above, from Wikipedia, also talks about Mr. Peter Frost, referenced in the article from majorityrights.com. It (the Wikipedia article)says this :
"Canadian anthropologist Peter Frost, under the aegis of University of St Andrews, published a study in March 2006 in the journal Evolution and Human Behavior that says blond hair evolved very quickly at the end of the last Ice Age by means of sexual selection.[4] According to the study, the appearance of blond hair and blue eyes in some northern European women made them stand out from their rivals at a time of fierce competition for scarce males. The study argues that blond hair was produced higher in the Cro-Magnon descended population of the European region because of food shortages 10,000-11,000 years ago. Almost the only sustenance in northern Europe came from roaming herds of mammoths, reindeer, bison and horses and finding them required long, arduous hunting trips in which numerous males died, leading to a high ratio of surviving women to men. This hypothesis argues that women with blond hair posed an alternative that helped them mate and thus increased the number of blonds.

According to the authors of The History and Geography of Human Genes (1994), blond hair became predominant in Europe in about 3000 BC, in the area now known as Lithuania, among the recently arrived Proto-Indo-European settlers though the trait spread quickly through sexual selection into Scandinavia when that area was settled because men found women with blond hair attractive.[5][6]"

Now, if blonds were selected for (especially females) by males, and that the fact that mating provided a higher probability that the blond females's offspring would survive, because there was enough food and protection, would, on its FACE, coming from a "survival of the fittest" make sense, that it would increase the number of blond children. But wait, throw the brakes on Lassie. We are missing an important point here, and something that perhaps Mr. Frost addresses, but I have not read his work and cannot comment on. The wrinkle is this. We have said that being a natural blond, even today, is a very rare thing. Certainly, it would have been even MORE rare then, since arguably, in the past few thousand years, blonds have been able to mate and reproduce with abandon. The wrinkle is in the genetics. If a dark haired , dark eyed male, in pre-history, was the result of many generations of dark haired dark eyed males, mating with dark haired dark eyed females, it is a fair bet that the genes provided in the mating with a homozygous blond female, would all be phenotypically dark haired, dark eyed, since, if blondness is a recessive genetic condition, it would ONLY be expressed in offspring, if they recieved at least one of these recessive blond genes from the father, and one from the mother. Since the only product possible in this caveman / cavewoman mating would be phenotypically dark haired, dark eyed phenotypically, and heterozygous genetypically. Thus, the offspring of the Dark haired/dark eyed male, and fair haired blue eyed female, would ALL appear dark haired dark eyed. This situation would NOT increase the blond population immediately and directly, but would only do so if these heterozygous individuals mated with a blond and produced children. Using the typical square used to assess probability of the outcomes of such matings, if B is the dark haired or BROWN gene, and little "b" is for the recessive blond, a mating of Bb X bb would theoretically yield, of four offspring, about half of them (2 of 4) to be blond and
the other half would be heterozygous. Now, assuming that the dark haired dark eyed heterozygous males invariably seek out blond females to mate with, and assuming those unions produce sufficient numbers of viable offspring who also go on to reproduce, then this, over the generations, would theoretcially increase the number of blonds, both fair haired males and females. Of course, if we assumed (which is not always true and which we cannot assume) that blond males ALSO tend to wish to mate with blond females, and produce large numbers of viable offspring, this would naturally increase the blond population greatly.

I have found a tendency of dark haired males to be attracted to light haired females, but also, often, the opposite, i.e. blond females attracted to dark haired males. This would argue for the progress toward blondishness to go backward, since, unless they pick a male who is heterozygous and carries the blond recessive genes, all their children would be dark haired (if he does carry the recessive, then, as previously noted, perhaps 2 out of 4 children may be blond).

This may be a cultural thing, and perhaps, in Germany, the blond haired males may in fact tend to mate with blond haired females. Certainly, dark haired dark eyed Adolph Hitler tried hard to promote this Aryan / Nordic featured SS troops to mate with Aryan / Nordic females. I certainly have been clear about my hatred of the retard Adolph Hitler and his notion that only the Nordic/ "Aryan" looks should rule the world, but one has to remember that the Nazis got their ideas about Eugenics from the United States, which, at the time, promoted the idea of limiting reproduction such that only those with "Superior" genes, should mate with others with "Superior" genes. This of course opens the ugly question of what criteria are used to decide which individuals are to be decided to be superior to others. The Nazi way was to say that the scientists were looking for individuals which were stronger, smarter, healthier, had no retardation or mental illness in their family history, etc..

Although today, in our politically correct and racially diverse cultural melting pot, we find such notions to be abhorrent, the eugenics movement in America, which later spread to Nazi Germany, was , if you beleive their literature, only applying commonsense, practical, workable solutions gleaned from animal husbandry, to the human world.

For thousands of years, humans have mated individuals within a species, to select for characteristics they sought out as either commercially or socially desirable.
Canines, which most people say were derived originally from wolves, are an example of centuries of selective breeding by humans, and hence, there are many many different breeds of dogs which differ in size, strength, temperament, aggressiveness,
intelligence, etc., largely a direct result of years of selective breeding.

Thus, if we take the humanity out of it, and treat Homo sapiens as merely another animal, the idea is , can we use selective breeding to produce human offspring that are superior in size, intelligence, strength, etc? Of course, it does seem possible, although, things like diet, exercise, training , etc. do have impact on how bright, how strong, etc., that the offspring are.

If you compare a large Norwegian weightlifting strongman, to an equally aged male in Mexico, who may also be into weightlifting, it is quickly apparent which man has a good change of lifting more weight, especially if we are talking about total amount lifted , as opposed to just percentage of body weight lifted.

And, of course, if you are breeding for blondness or a certain type of nose, without question, you can produce more humans that have the Nordic look, than if you are mating two folks in Nigeria of native stock.

Now, if we get back to the hair color and blondness issue, if we look at Finland, the Finns have some of the most undiluted blood around. The Finnish people have in general, tended not to marry and mate with outside races, moreso than other peoples. As a result, the Finnish people have some of the fairest hair on the planet.

An interesting blog on Finnish anthropology is at:

From another blog, describing Finns as a group
"As to the physical characteristics of the Finns, they are light complexioned, with very white hair when children, but in the later years the hair turns to tow-color or reddish. Black hair or black and brown eyes scarcely exist among the Finns. Blondness is the original characteristic of the entire Finnish race, although for climatic environment and assimilation with other races is nowhere so striking today as among the Finns of Finland, Esthonia, northern and central Russia and in parts of Siberia. The eyes of the Finns are dominantly blue, but often also light gray. The stature approaches tallness. The head form is dominantly round-skulled and the brain capacity, according to existing data, the largest of all men. Writers, who have not seen Finns, generally attribute "high cheek bones" to them. This is an error, as the smallest percentage of prominent cheek bones can be found among the Finns than among any other people of mankind.

The Finnish language, being the oldest tongue spoken by man, has not failed to acquire a development consistent to its great age. During the last twenty-five years attention has been paid to utilize the natural beauty of the language and as a consequence in the National Theatre in Helsingfors one may today listen to the most harmonious and sonorous speech of man."

(Note- this was from a book, from 1925, hence the old fashioned way of speaking.)

Here is a little bit on the history of Finland at Wikipedia

If confirmed, the oldest archeological site in Finland would be Susiluola (Wolf cave) in Kristinestad, Ostrobothnia. Excavations are underway and if the so far presented estimates hold true, it would be the only pre-glacial (Neanderthal) site so far found in the Nordic countries and some 130 000 years old [1].

[edit] Mesolithic
The earliest traces of modern humans are known from ca. 8500BCE and are post-glacial. The people were first probably seasonal hunter-gatherers. Their items are known as the Suomusjärvi culture and the Kunda culture. Among the finds is the net of Antrea, one of the oldest fishing nets ever excavated (calibrated carbon dating: ca. 8300BCE).

[edit] Neolithic
Around 5300 BCE pottery entered Finland. The earliest representatives belong to the Comb Ceramic Cultures, known for their distinctive decorating patterns. This marks the beginning of the neolithic for Finland, although the subsistence was still based on hunting and fishing. Extensive networks of exchange existed across Finland and Northeastern Europe during 5th millennium BCE. For example flint from Scandinavia and Valdai Hills, amber from Scandinavia and the Baltic region and slates from Scandinavia and Lake Onega found their way into Finnish archeological sites and asbestos and soap stone from e.g. Saimaa spread outside of Finland. Rock paintings, apparently related to shamanistic and totemistic belief systems, have been found especially in Eastern Finland, e.g. Astuvansalmi.

It is now widely believed that an early Uralic language that later differentiated into the proto-languages giving rise to both the Sami languages and Finnish etc. was already spoken in Finland at this time[2], if not before.

From 3200 BCE onwards either immigrants or a strong cultural influence from south of the Gulf of Finland settled in south-western Finland. This culture was a part of the European Battle Axe cultures, which have often been associated with the movement of Indo-European speakers. The Battle-Axe or Cord Ceramic culture seems to have practiced agriculture and animal husbandry outside of Finland but the earliest confirmed traces of agriculture in Finland date later[3], approximately to the 2nd millennium BCE. Further inland the societies retained their hunting-gathering lifestyles. Finnic languages got an Indo-European influx both from a pre-baltic pre-Germanic era and from early Baltic languages (and vice versa) approximately in the period 3500-1000 BC, which has been postulated to have initiated the differentiation between the Sami languages and Baltic-Finnic languages.

The Battle axe and the Comb Ceramic cultures merged giving rise to the Kiukainen culture which existed between 2300BCE and 1500BCE featuring fundamentally a comb ceramic tradition with cord ceramic characteristics."
The point here of course is that the Finnish people, and the geographical region known as Finland, is a very ancient part of the world, and has been colonized by humans for some time.

It does seem clear that, the contact with the outside world with the early Finns, was mainly with other Scandinavian peoples such as the Vikings (Sweden, Norway,etc) and later, the Danes and others in the Scandinavian realm. This would have mainly reinforced the basic blond haired blue eyed (or grey eyed) features, certainly, more than if the Finns were regularly conquered and in contact with Romans or Greeks for example.

Now, the question that always arises to me is this. We always see the Neanderthals depicted as swarthy, dark haired, dark eyed, brutish creatures, and the Cro-Magnon peoples, are usually shown as taller, and either with Nordic or at least, light haired features. But, if we look at the peoples who live in cold, northern climates, they tend to be light skinned, fair haired peoples. Look at the folks in Finland, Sweden, Iceland, Denmark, and even far south as Germany. In fact, the Neaderthals were found in the Neander valley, in Germany. So, it makes more sense that the Neanderthals, based on the cold climes and relative lack of exposure to hot direct sunshine, would be light skinned, and yes, light haired. There are several people who do not speculate that the Neanderthals were blonds, but were indeed red-haired.
Now, this would make sense for one reason. Hair definitely has a certain insulating function. The shaft of a very blond haired person, is the thinnest of all hair types. The thickest hair shaft is the red haired type. A heavier hair shaft would, arguably not only offer more protection from the cold, but, offer better physical protection to the body part it covers. Now, mind you, I do not necessarily believe in the red haired Neanderthal theory (though I do admit that CarrotTops humor may be more of a Neanderthal level of complexity).

But, as I said, there are people who believe the red hair may be associated with Neanderthals. For example, http://www.freerepublic.com/focus/f-news/1322006/posts
Posted on 01/16/2005 12:47:07 PM PST by IGBT

" London - Red hair may be the genetic legacy of Neanderthals, according to a new study by British scientists.

Researchers at the John Radcliffe Institute of Molecular Medicine in Oxford were quoted by The Times as saying the so-called "ginger gene" which gives people red hair, fair skin and freckles could be up to 100 000 years old.

They claim that their discovery points to the gene having originated in Neanderthal man who lived in Europe for 200 000 years before Homo sapien settlers, the ancestors of modern man, arrived from Africa about 40 000 years ago.

Rosalind Harding, the research team leader, told The Times: "The gene is certainly older than 50 000 years and it could be as old as 100 000 years.

"An explanation is that it comes from Neanderthals." It is estimated that at least 10 percent of Scots have red hair and a further 40 percent carry the gene responsible, which could account for their once fearsome reputation as fighters.

Neanderthals have been characterised as migrant hunters and violent cannibals who probably ate most of their meat raw. They were taller and stockier than Homo sapiens, but with shorter limbs, bigger faces and noses, receding chins and low foreheads.

The two species overlapped for a period of time and the Oxford research appears to suggests that they must have successfully interbred for the "ginger gene" to survive. Neanderthals became extinct about 28 000 years ago, the last dying out in southern Spain and southwest France. "

But, we get back to what I believe is the fundamental question. Why did blondness arrive as a mutation? The truth is, MOST mutations make the mutated individual LESS likely to survive, and less suited for the environment, not MORE so. Mutations in fruit flies for example, can be extremely weird, such as legs on their heads and other, even odder mutations, but, in the vast majority of instances, mutated individuals are less able to compete with the non-mutated individuals.

Let's look a sharks. One would assume that sharks , being living creatures, would be as much fair game to mutations as other creatures, but sharks, like roaches, have existed without significant change, for millions of years.

The related question, is WHY would such mutations occur? One cannot offer an argument so silly as to say that the mutation occurred so that the blond females would be more attractive sexually to the dark haired dark eyed male hunters. Such a teleological argument is false on its face, unless one adopts a VERY different belief system than most scientists currently hold. Sentience is usually not ascribed to the molecular level, in the sense that genes decide to figure out a way to mutate to produce a blond haired female child that MAY or, also, MAY NOT be more attractive to a male hunter. In point of fact, it could have theoretically worked out the other way. Blond haired females could have been seen as demonic or evil due to their odd and different appearance, and out of superstition, could have been killed after birth. If an individual looks radically different, in primitive cultures, this could either raise them to the level of being so special as being selected by the gods, and made into a shaman, or in the alternative, killed because they seemed SO different than other members of the tribe.

Now, not to mire ourselves down in topics like genetic drift, or the Hardy-Weinberg equilibrium, the notion is that, this alleged "blond mutation" would be one that would decrease the eumelanin that produces black or dark brown hair, and relatively increase the phaeomelanin associated with red or blond / blonde hair. But, how many such mutations are seen in Africa, for example ? Sure, we have all the old saws that serve as "explanations" as to why African natives tend to have so much eumelanin. We have all read the crap that the eumelanin content "evolved" to protect their skin from the harsh rays of the desert or jungle sun, but mutations are all aboud accidental changes. So where are the mutations among African peoples such that a child is born to an African pair such that they look like a Swedish person, blond hair, fair skin, blue eyes?

Those who believe in the "Out of Africa", Leakey and Lucy idea, would have us believe that our shared human female ancestor, Lucy, was this smallish black female. If that were the case, tall, lanky, delicate jawed, delicate browed blond BNordic beauties must have been created in the form of these bizarre mutations, and at some point, a descendant of Lucy, if one believes the evolution nonsense, would at some point, have given birth to a light skinned , fair haired baby. It never happened. Doesn't happen NOW, never happened in the past, and never WILL happen.

Squirrels don't give birth to rabbits. Rats don't give birth to Chihuahuas (though they do look suspiciously related), and so on. The theory of spontaneous mutations though, would support the idea that if a mutation happened before, it should be able to happen again. But does it? No. How many cro-magnon mutations are occurring to chimpanzee mothers? NONE. How many PAST mutations have occurred such that a Cro-Magnon child was born to a primate mother? If it has never happened, we are stuck with what becomes an extremely uncomfortable question for the evolutionists. That question is very simple. In light of the fact that most anthropologists give grudging agreement with the proposition that Neanderthals and Cro-Magnons existed at the same time, and that Neanderthals pre-dated Cro-Magnons, where the hell did the Cro-Magnon people come from ?

Most anthropological discussions desperately try to avoid the "origin of species" as it relates to the Cro-Magnons, because, they seem to, in most respects, spring out of nowhere, compete with a developed social system, artistic ability, tool and weapon making expertise. It seems highly unlikely that Cro-Magnons sprang wholecloth or even part cloth, from earlier simian or proto-human ancestors, as a matter or one or two random mutations. Random mutations cannot explain for the almost sui generis rise of the Cro-Magnons from the bowels of history. They are socially and physically, quite different from the Neanderthals, and no series of fortuitous
"mutations" can reasonably account for the creation of this race.

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